Just Another Day In Belgium’s Muslim No-Go Zone…

Flanders, Belgium – On Friday afternoon, when police entered a Muslim ‘No Go Zone’ and went to arrest a Muslim man, they were met by fierce resistance from the Muslims who live there, which spilled out into the street, and as a result the suspect was able to escape.

Note how the police are forced to arrive in mass for their own protection. One police officer suffered a fractured skull. Fortunately, the German Shepherd police dog escaped injury after he had enough and grabbed onto the arm of one the Muslims thus taking a bite out of Islam.

That night, police returned with 80 officers, and were pelted with rocks. Five Muslims were arrested along with the suspect.

Why on earth do they waste time with this? Just mass arrest them and deport them.



0 thoughts on “Just Another Day In Belgium’s Muslim No-Go Zone…”

  1. shut down gas,water and electric services– give the houses to deserving people and send the whole lot of these miscreants home where they can abuse their women and children to their hearts content and with satan’s blessing they have no place in a civilised society

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