Unemployed European Immigrants in Britain Cost £1.5 Billion to the NHS Alone

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In Britain: An EU study has found 600,000 unemployed migrants are living in Britain – a 42  per cent rise

The number of EU migrants coming to Britain without a job increased by 73 per cent in the three years to 2011 Photo: GETTY IMAGES

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Robert Mendick

By  Robert Mendick, and Claire Duffin

More than 600,000 unemployed European Union migrants are living in Britain at   a cost of £1.5 billion to the NHS alone, according to an EU report.

The authoritative study, obtained by The Sunday Telegraph, shows the   number of jobless European migrants coming to Britain has risen dramatically   in the past five years, intensifying demands for the Government to   renegotiate EU membership.

Opponents of the EU seized on the figures to suggest Britain could not afford   to allow European migrants to come here at will while…

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