Gaza Terror Tunnel Opening Uncovered on Israeli Side of the Security Fence

On October 7, IDF soldiers discovered the opening of a tunnel built by Gazan terrorists near Israeli civilian communities. The tunnel is approximately 18 meters underground and extends 1.7 kilometers. This is the third such tunnel found along the Gaza-Israel security fence in the past year.


A soldier investigating the Gazan terror tunnel that lead into Israeli civilian communities.

Such smuggling tunnels have been used by terrorists in the past to execute attacks against civilians and military personnel. In 2006, a deadly terror attack took place while IDF soldiers engaged in a routine patrol in an armored vehicle. Armed terrorists infiltrated Israel through a smuggling tunnel killing two soldiers and taking hostage a third – Gilad Shalit.

Brig. Gen. Mickey Edelstein, Commander of the Gaza Division: “The IDF operates under the notion that there are additional tunnels jeopardizing civilians and security personnel in the area”.

The tunnel was built with approximately 500 tons of cement and concrete. Hamas and other terror organizations in the strip invest millions of dollars and resources in order to operate a thriving network of illegal tunnels leading into Israel. Sufficient evidence suggests that terrorists methodically abuse construction materials transferred into the strip by Israel as humanitarian aid in order to build such tunnels.


Read more via the link:

Gaza Terror Tunnel Opening Uncovered on Israeli Side of the Security Fence.


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