Types of Muslims

This article is from the Muslim apostates at Ban Islam. They have been threatened, harassed and had a bounty put on their heads to find their whereabouts.

Ban Islam

There are at least four types of Muslims: 1) Real Muslims, 2) Wishy-Washy Muslims, 3) Secular Muslims, 3) Secular Muslims, 4) Honorary Muslims


Types of Muslims

These Muslims try to follow the Quran and sunna to the word and are true Muslims. All the terrorists and suicide bombers belong to this group. Their only aim in life is to do what will get them to Allah’s paradise. Since the only guarantee of paradise, as mentioned in the Quran, is to kill and get killed for Allah (Quran 9.111), that is exactly what their purpose in life is. They try to kill non-Muslims as well as wishy-washy Muslims to acquire paradise.

EXAMPLE: Major Nidal Hasan, M.D., is one such real Muslims. He has reserved himself a place in paradise by killing 13 kuffars in accordance with the promise of Allah and following the footsteps of Muhammad. 72 virgins with swelling breasts…

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  1. What of the Ahmadiyya, or Ahmadi Muslims?
    I had an encounter with one Ahmadi, and he seemed peaceful enough, but didn’t seem to know his Qur’an or Hadiths very well. I was actually wondering if he wasn’t using some taqiyya magic on me… He kept complimenting me on my knowledge of Islam but didn’t dispute much of what I said other than that Islam means PEACE…I said..”No, it means Submission to Allah and his prophet Muhammad.” He insisted that it also means peace, to which I insisted “NO, it means absolute submission”.

    1. There are many small branches of islam that are generally offshoots from all the raid frenzies back in time. Most of the muslims from these small branches are quite harmless. Its the salafi-wahhabbi-sunnis that are really extreme – and the tribal ones, who are one notch from savages.

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