Sen. Rand Paul Shames White House For Ignoring Islam’s ‘Worldwide War On Christianity’

It starts well but then he rambles off about Muslims living in peace with everyone, and Islam’s ‘contributions’ to the world – all the fabled inventions that never were. They were nothing but looted booty from the many raids and slaughter fiests that Muslims engaged in for centuries, pillaging, raping, stealing, conquering and murder their way to wealth and ‘inventions’ created centuries before Mohammed was even born.

That is how deep Arab propaganda, funded by the Saudi’s and Qatari’s has seeped into our society. People now imagine the largest force of evil in human history was a benevolent overlord who created inventions to benefit humanity and lived in harmony with everyone they had killed and looted prior.

And they lived happily ever after. The End.

Yeah right.



0 thoughts on “Sen. Rand Paul Shames White House For Ignoring Islam’s ‘Worldwide War On Christianity’”

  1. At least Rand Paul acknowledges the truth about the motivation of America’s enemies-unlike his father, who’s bought into the idea that we’re under attack because of our actions, and keeps saying that the terrorists will leave us alone if we leave them alone.

    So many libertarians have gotten into the “Blame America First” mindset. It’s nice to see one acknowledge the truth, even if he’s incorrect about the root of the problem.

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