Your Daily Muslim: Nazih Abdul-Hamed Nabih al-Ruqaii

Your Daily Muslim

Leading al-Qaeda commander Nazih Abdul-Hamed Nabih al-Ruqaii, also known as Abu Anas al-Libi, was recently captured in Libya. al-Ruqaii is believed to have been involved in the 1998 Nairobi and Dar-es-Salaam embassy bombings carried out by al Qaeda. Before you ask, yes, this Muslim’s first name is Nazi.

The leftists in the UK granted al-Ruqaii political asylum there in 1995, after an al Qaeda assassination attempt on Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak failed. Egypt tried to extradite al-Ruqaii, but the UK decided he should stay there because he wouldn’t be given a fair trial in Egypt. Well, it’d sure be a more fair trial than rape victims receive in Islamic countries. In 1999, the dullard government of the UK became suspicious of the al Qaeda operative living on their shores, and interrogated him. However, he had wiped his hard drive and told police nothing, so they released him. The following year…

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