Your Daily Muslim: Muhammad al-Farraj

Your Daily Muslim

This post contains graphic descriptions of violence. Reader discretion is advised.

Look what we have here – yet another psychological primitive with a towel on his head spewing praise for quite possibly the worst man to have ever walked the earth. Saudi Islamic cleric/poet Muhammad al-Farraj doesn’t hold back in his effusive praise of Hitler or in his gruesome descriptions of jihad conflict. Let’s look at some excerpts from one of al-Farraj’s works about the political relationship between Russia and Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, whom al-Farraj labels a “tyrant.”

“Our [Mujahideen] turned [Russian forces] into decapitated corpses and ridiculous Russians with no behinds,” Wait, no behinds? So basically al-Farraj is admitting that roving bands of jihadis are doing bizarre things with the anuses of dead Russians? I’m sure a video, likely hashtagged #gayporn4muhammad, of the grisly ritual will make its way onto the internet someday. “Our youth have learned how…

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  1. You keep sending me the same problem and the solution is still the same: The truth is Islam is Evil, what part of “EVIL” do people not understand? It enslaves the mind, body and soul of a person. It must be destroyed. if you don’t want this solution stop send the same problem.

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