Muslim beard row boys now banned from school

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Why, one must surely ask, did their Muslim family send them to a Catholic school in the first place? That in itself appears to be a possibly deliberate provocative act!

Two Muslim schoolboys barred from classes because they would not shave off their beards have now been sent home from their school

 Both 14-year-olds had been placed in “isolation” from the start of the new term at Mount Carmel Roman Catholic High School in Accrington, Lancashire.

Talks were held with the families of the two boys to resolve the problem but neither side backed down and the school has now decided the pupils can only return to school when they are clean-shaven.

Headteacher Xavier Bowers has stressed that the matter is not one of religion but about dress code.

In a statement issued today, he said: “At Mount Carmel RC High School, we believe that it’s important to be clear…

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  1. Why would a muslim family send their children to a Christian school? Is it to proselyte Christian students? If you can’t agree with the Catholic agenda, don’t go there. A sign of true spirituality is respect for others. We don’t see that within Isalm.

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