Canada: Toronto Probes Publicly-Funded Mosque Mural Promoting Holy War Against Non-Muslims

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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” – Anonymous

In Canada, a Muslim cleric in Montreal promotes Sharia law amputations and death sentences for criminals and adulterers. The authorities do nothing. Another cleric in Brampton teaches that homosexuals should be stoned to death. The authorities do nothing. In Toronto, a Muslim school teaches children to hate Jews while an Islamic bookstore sells material that encourages wife-beatings and a “street-preaching” convert to Islam demands that all non-Muslim women wear burkas, head scarves and face veils, or risk being raped. And still, the authorities do nothing. Since governments all throughout the Western world have the backbone of a jellyfish, this mural will likely stay for “multicultural” purposes or because it didn’t break any law. Unfortunately, the real lesson that ends up being learned by the Muslim community is that political correctness and…

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  1. Important comment in regards to Tarek Fatah’s column, “Jihadi battle cry adorns mural outside Toronto mosque.”

    Mr.Tarek Fatah needs to clear his conscience to think with a peaceful mind.

    This Qu’ranic verse is not a Jehadi battle cry rather than a motivational verse and we repeat this holy verse all the time when we are afraid from unseen problems like exams time, to win a quiz contest, court hearings, even to solve our domestic problems, to solve with Allah’s help and prosperity!

    Any Muslim can say this holy Qu’ranic verse many times in heart for number of reason but Mr. Fatah thinks it’s for Jihad only, I would say that Mr. Tarek Fatah is blowing fire to terrify two religious groups haven’t had any problem ever and who have been living peacefully on Gerrard St, Indian Bazar for more than 20 years.

    Muslims mistake to understand Holy Qu’ran and many are there, Tarek Fatah, Salim Ahmad are in one of them who poise healthy brain of Jews, Christians, Hidus and also Muslims. 99% all Qu’ranic verses misinterpret verbally or written out side of Qu’ran. Next time mess makers will find any other Qu’ranic verse to fire in community by misinterpreting.

    Before consider petition please note the points of rejection of petition

    1- The Petitioners have to be from same riding where the Masjid(Mosque) is
    2- The petitioners have to be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident not a fake address

    3- As that mural is misinterpreted but the petitioners are poised with hatred of this mural then still the mural should be taken as free speech, part of sec 13 of Canada Human Rights Commission, but that mural don’t have any hate message in it!

    4- Well, it can be ordered to remove on equality basis if Toronto City Councillor applies removing all murals or Graffitis from all buildings residential or commercial!

    I am sharing this link tells about this Qu’ranic verse in the end of comment and request to Mayor Rob Ford to check with MPP Mr. Shafiq Qadri for better understanding and with rest of Islamic scholars of the mosque or Walid Saleh, Religion
    Shafique Virani, Religion/Historical Studies (UTM), Building Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto, also can be reached at before approve the petition created by Mr. Salim Ahmad, Toronto Ontario!

    The translation of Quranic verse is below, please read it then decide!

    Nasrul Minallah Wa Fatahun Qareeb

    It’s arabic : نَصْرٌ مِّن اللَّهِ وَفَتْحٌ قَرِيبٌ
    In english: ” Nasrun min Allahi, wa fat’hun kareeb”
    Its translation: “help from Allah and a near victory”

    This is a part of the verse….

    The Holy Quran says in Surah Saaf verse 13:
    وَأُخْرَى تُحِبُّونَهَا نَصْرٌ مِّن اللَّهِ وَفَتْحٌ قَرِيبٌ وَبَشِّرِ الْمُؤْمِنِينَt

    Translation of this verse is:
    “And also (He will give you) another (blessing)

    which you love, help from Allah and a near victory. And give glad tidings to the believers”

    Source of answer:
    Department of Near and Middle Eastern Studies – U of T
    Department of Near and Middle Eastern Studies – U of T

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