(Video) Wahhabi Imam Guiding British Muslims Teach Jihad As A Required Duty

Sheikh Assim Al Hakim makes sure the Muslim youth understand how honorable it is to commit jihad…

There are hundreds of thousands like him across England, and across Europe. Supported, funded, and imported by the liberal left.

In fluent English Sheikh Assim Al Hakim (also spelled Hakeem) gives an answer to a Muslima who wants to kill and be killed in Syria. Hakim makes sure that jihad should not be viewed as terrorism, but the greatest deed to spread Islam by militant force, by attacking the other, the enemy, the disbeliever… an act to be admired and viewed as honor. Support anyone who fight the kafir regimes, Al Hakim encourage.

Not terrorism but honor? Oh well, that makes it so much better!

Shaikh Assim al-Hakim graduated from the prestigious Umm al-Qura University in Makkah, Saudi Arabia in 1998. At present Shaikh Assim is an Imam of a masjid in Jeddah, a role which he has held for the past 19 years, where the Shaikh delivers the weekly Friday sermons and lectures on various Islamic Sciences.

Jihad imam teaching students at mosques around the UK in English through the AlKauthar institute with offices in the UK, Canada, Australia and South Africa. “Over 1000 people attended in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford, Halifax, and Leeds. Headlining the tour were our special guests Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem and Sheikh Abdur Raheem McCarthy, renowned for their appearances on Peace TV and Al Huda.” Each of the instructors listed on their website are ultraconservative Sunni Wahhabi’s supporting incest, jihad, execution of apostates, death penalty of gays and so on.

Shaikh Assim al-Hakim also participates regularly on both Islamic radio and television programs to spread the authentic teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah. In other words; you’re not getting any confused versions of Islam from Hakim. This is the real deal.

In a site under his own domain, he clarifies that any Muslim who reject the Hadith’s; the most violent, racist sections of the Quran that encourage the murder of non-Muslims, is deemed a kafir. And if a Muslim doubt the Quran at all, he is a kafir. He also confirm that Christians and Jews who question or oppose prophet Mohammed, should be executed after being tried in an islamic court. Apostasy is punishable by death, Hakim asserts, because prophet Mohammed said so.

Currently Shaikh Assim al-Hakim also occupies a managerial position in “a leading global industrial company”. He is also the mouth piece and instructor to the British based An-Naseeha Foundation in Huddersfield.

Marvelous. Why don’t they import more of these people and fund and approve their mosques so they can preach how to blow up other people? Surely MP Keith Vaz and ‘Lord’ Nazir Ahmed (who banned Geert Wilders into Britain) have made sure this imam has a clear passage into Britain whenever he wants.


At AlKauthar Institute who invited Shaikh Assim al-Hakim to hold lectures around the UK has offices in the following addresses:

UK Office: AlKauthar Registrations ELS LTD, P.O. BOX 18776, London E6 3AE, United Kingdom

Canada Office: AlKauthar Registrations, 3176 Ridgeway Drive, Unit 47, Mississauga, ON, L5L 5R4

SA Office: AlKauthar Institute, Postnet 103, Private Bag X3, Westville 3630, South Africa

Australia Office: AlKauthar Institute, P.O.BOX 52, Bankstown, NSW1885, Australia

– See more at: http://www.alkauthar.org/contact-us/#sthash.FBIDM1Xb.dpuf


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