Your Daily Muslim: Ghazi bin Abdul-Aziz bin Khalaf al-Shammari

Your Daily Muslim

Saudi sheikh Ghazi bin Abdul-Aziz bin Khalaf al-Shammari, author of The Prophet Muhammad: The Best of All Husbands, had everything he wanted – a society that respects him for the bizarre headbanging ritual he performs five times a day, accepts his poor fashion choices like the tablecloth on his head, and even gives him a live radio audience. What did he do with the platform he was given? He opened his mouth and removed all doubt that he was a 7th-century menace.

A man called the radio show to complain to al-Shammari about his wife, who had traveled to a business conference without his approval. The man claimed his wife had “offended his manhood” by doing something without asking his permission. The man also said he had accepted his wife’s request to get a job as long as it didn’t interfere with their marriage. What’s wrong with this picture:…

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