What the Guardian won’t report: Israelis who ‘turn swords into plowshares’.

UK Media Watch

The Guardian’s fetishization of Palestinian culture is indicative of an ideologically biased narrative which continually colors their coverage of the region .  As we’ve demonstrated repeatedly, their reporters’ capacity to bury, ignore, or downplay overwhelming evidence of a culture which nurtures antisemitism, and celebrates terrorism (including suicide bombing) against Israeli civilians, has few limits.  Conversely, characterizations of Palestinian Arabs as non-violent, abound.

A perfect illustration of this dynamic is the following photo storyon Oct. 3:


It should be noted that the weekly protests in Bil’in mentioned in the strap line are actually quite violent, typically involving Palestinians throwing rocks and metal objects, as well as firebombs, at Israeli security forces. Over the past several years more than 200 Israeli security personnel have been injured by Palestinian rioters in Bil’in.

But, no matter. The Guardian had a story of Palestinian “non-violent” resistance to tell, and so photojournalist Atef Safadi let…

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