Apostate: “As A Muslim I Despised All Non-Muslims. They Had No Value.”

Nassim Ben Iman

We have often said that every single practicing Muslim is a potential terrorist because of the influence of the ideology of Islam. Hear it now from the mouth of a Muslim apostate in Germany.

Welcome to Islam. Learn why this evil and debased Satanic cult needs to be banned and removed from all of the West completely. It has been a warlike and evil cult for nearly 1,500 years and acknowledge as such by almost every single great leader through history. With the weakening of proper leadership, the adaptation to unrealistic and distorted libtard ideology has taken over politics.

We have now begun importing this evil cult that was completely banned and forbidden from our shores for hundreds of years. Across the West, we lost not millions but hundreds of millions of lives while fighting against this satanic and most inhumane of evils trying to infiltrate and conquer our nations and freedoms. Now it stands right outside your window, outside your our own doorstep, while society is sleeping and denying the realities that will soon turn out lives into a living nightmare.

Arab apostate Nassim Ben Imam speaks on the dangers facing Europe; “Every Muslim is a potential terrorist”.

Imam is the author of the book, “The true enemy… why I did not become a terrorist”.


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