(Video) Slavery: Ethiopian woman abused and dragged into a car in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

This woman is most likely the ‘property’ of her employer, who has gathered police to help her. She may be one of the many abused foreign house maids (slaves) who have their passports confiscated by their employers on arrival meaning they cannot leave anywhere. Then, made to work around the clock, beaten, abused, often raped, they are trapped in Saudi Arabia and unable to escape. And since human slavery is not really implemented as illegal police help the employers, not the victims. Many Arab countries officially abolished slavery in the 1960’s to conform with sufficient international laws and be able to trade with the West. But that abolition is merely superficial and there is no legal implementation for punishments.

Over 500,000 maids travel to Saudi Arabia to work as ‘domestic workers’. It is extremely common that they are over worked, severely physically abused, often raped.

Slavery continues to flourish in many (most) of these Muslim countries, although the most common form of slavery is the entrapment of foreign workers. There are, however, instances of actual and real slavery where children are purchased from Africa and work as slaves in Saudi households. One famous case of actual slavery is Bandar Abdullah Abdulaziz who was killed by his gay Saudi employer and prince, Prince Saud bin Abdulaziz bin Nasir, the grandson of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, at a London hotel in 2010. Bandar, who was referred to as servant but was an African gay sex slave who had been working for the gay prince since he was a young boy, had been severely abused for what appears to be many years, with his face and body swollen from regular beatings. Bandars life of abuse was so bad hotel staff said he seemed to have difficulty swallowing food when he and the prince had been dining in the hotel’s restaurant.

And another case of an escaped Ethiopian worker being beaten and forced to return to her employer:

And one more Ethiopian being abused by her employer. Why blacks in America want to convert to the religion of their main slave masters through history is beyond us. It only legalizes slavery of them even more:

And here Ethiopian refugees are beaten by Saudi’s:


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