UK Speaker Hamza Tzortzis defend Paedophilia in Islam

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis justifies when sex with under age girls is acceptable and okay. Pay attention to the supporting hollering and applauds from the Muslim crowd (‘Allahu-Akhbar, Kafir”) after Hamza’s defense of paedophilia in the debate with ‘kafirs’. He is a lecturer at the Islamic Education & Research Academy. What a fancy name for a “school” of medival Tribal mumbo-jumbo which believes camel pee can cure all diseases!

Hamza describes himself as follows:

Hamza Andreas Tzortzis is an international public speaker on Islam, a writer, lecturer, instructor and researcher. He is particularly interested in Islam, politics, western and Islamic thought and philosophy.

Hamza delivers workshops, seminars and courses on the foundations of Islamic thought. He is an instructor for iERA (Islamic Education & Research Academy) and AlKauthar Institute. Hamza has also delivered a short course on the intellectual foundations of Islam for the Islamic Online University for their Diploma course.

Hamza has debated prominent academics and intellectuals including Professor Lawrence Krauss, Professor Simon Blackburn, Professor Ken Gemes and Professor and Dan Barker. Hamza delivers presentations across the world on various topics; ranging from ‘Does God Exist’, ‘Why Islam?’, ‘The Miracle of the Qur’an’, ‘Islam or Atheism?’ to ‘Can we live better lives without Religion’.

Hamza is a popular speaker at UK University campuses, and has also travelled the world extensively to deliver lectures, most notably in the USA, Australia, Netherlands, Malaysia, Canada and Lebanon. Hamza has authored a number of Islamic publications as well as serialising a number of articles on his popular blog.


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