Hassan Rouhani, the new Ayatollah Kohmeini, gets shoes thrown at him after Obama phonecall

Obama prides himself on his latest phone conversation with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and now seem to imagine he has created some revolutionary progress.

Here are some facts about Hassan Rouhani that media won’t tell you:

  • Iran’s former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has eagerly backed and endorsed Hassan Rowhani in the election, saying the candidate is ‘more suitable’ than others for presidency,” reported Agence France Presse. Rafsanjani is one of the leading extremists in Iran but was called a ‘moderate’ by Western media. Rafsanjani, who previously served as Iran’s president from 1989 to 1997, was neither a ‘moderate’ nor a ‘reformer.’ He certainly was no ‘pragmatist’ with whom the West could do business. To the contrary, he is one of the father’s of Iran’s nuclear program and an outspoken advocate of Iran and her radical Islamic allies building offensive nuclear weapons.
  • Like many leading members of other extreme anti-Western organizations such as Hamas and al-Qaeda, Rouhani also has a Western education: he has a Ph.D. in law from Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland.
  • Rouhani has been involved in the Islamic revolution since its murderous beginning. He accompanied the Ayatollah Khomeini back from Paris to Tehran and since then has held a number of key security positions in a regime which has killed and tortured hundreds of thousands of people. Rouhani has called for the execution of pro-democracy student protesters whom he said should be crushed “mercilessly and monumentally”.
  • His most notable position was Chairman of the Supreme National Security Council during which time the Council helped mastermind the 1994 bombing of the Jewish cultural center in Buenos Aires, killing 85 people (including many elderly Holocaust survivors).
  • Intelligence sources say that Rouhani easily outwitted and out-negotiated the European troika of nuclear negotiators from Germany, France and Britain, from 2003-5 when he was Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, and later often boasted in Farsi of deceiving his “naive” European negotiating partners.
  • Rouhani made clear during a little-known address to the Iranian parliament in 2004 that he viewed Pakistan as a role model for his country’s effort to build a nuclear arsenal in the face of world opposition.
  • The leading London-based pan-Arab newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat reported that Iranian President-Elect Hassan Rouhani’s eldest son took his own life in 1992, in protest at his father’s involvement with Iran’s murderous Islamic regime and his father’s close ties to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.“I hate your government, your lies, your corruption, your religion, your double acts and your hypocrisy,” wrote the future president’s son in his suicide note, according to the Saudi-owned paper. “I am ashamed to live in such an environment where I’m forced to lie to my friends each day, telling them that my father isn’t part of all of this. Telling them my father loves this nation, whereas I believe this to be not true. It makes me sick seeing you, my father, kiss the hand of Khamenei.”


Shoe thrown at Iran president on return home after Obama call

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani arrived home to a mixed reception after his historic call with Barack Obama as a shoe was thrown at his car.

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani waves to supporters as his motorcade draw out of Tehran's Mehrabad Airport upon his arrival from New York. Shoe thrown at Iran president on return home after Obama call

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani waves to supporters as his motorcade draw out of Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport upon his arrival from New York. Photo: AFP/GETTY

 Andrew Marszal

By , agencies

10:51AM BST 28 Sep 2013  |  Telegraph

Some 75 hardline Islamists chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” as Rouhani’s motorcade drew out of Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport.

Eggs were also hurled at the Iranian president as members of his security team tried to shield him with an umbrella.

The incident comes amid an apparent softening of Iran’s stance toward the West including the United States under President Rouhani, which has angered some hardliners in Iran.

However protesters were outnumbered by 200 to 300 supporters of the president who shouted: “Thank you Rouhani.”

A small police contingent separated the rival demonstrators.

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The shoe missed the car and Rouhani stood up through the sunroof to acknowledge the crowds.

Before leaving New York where he attended the UN General Assembly, Rouhani had a 15-minute telephone conversation with Obama on Friday, the first contact between leaders of the two countries in more than three decades.

The call followed crucial talks at the United Nations on Thursday night which saw Iran’s foreign minister sit down with representatives of world powers including John Kerry, the US secretary of state to discuss a deal on Iran’s nuclear programme.

Throwing a shoe at a person is considered a grave insult in the Middle East. A shoe thrown by Iraqi journalist Muntader al-Zaidi’s at President Bush in December 2008 became a symbol of Iraqi anger against “the occupier”, while previous Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also had a shoe thrown at him on a visit to Egypt earlier this year.


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  1. Don’t be fooled. The new “moderate” president of the ShariaState is not at least moderate. Listening to a radio broadcast in Farsi from Tehran this moderate said: “The West and the Islamic Republic of Iran are as a wolf and a lamb. It lies in their very nature that they can never be grassing peacefully together. One of them has to be consumed.” – Guess who is the wolf and who is the lamb?

  2. Reblogged this on WindsorCOAct!forAmerica and commented:
    This is the real president of Iran…an anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-civil rights murderer…poised at destroying Israel, then the US…too bad when he, along with 250 million other Muslims attack Israel, they will loose about 84% of their troops, thus sparing the US

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