Dads Warn: Radical Islam in U.S. School Destroyed Our Sons

This report was published last year right after we opened this blog. It was not published by us at the time, but the message is so important on the indoctrination happening in U.S. Universities that we want to bring attention to it. American schools are now being used as slow and creeping indoctrination centers, where students are now used to be programmed to whitewash Sharia and trivialize it, and ease them to greater acceptance of Islam to allow it to flourish everywhere based on the same propaganda used across Europe, which hopefully converts them at some point.

Carlos Bledsoe vs Abdulhakim Mujahid Mohammad

Dads Warn: Radical Islam in U.S. School Destroyed Our Sons

By Bill Korach. originally published at:

Melvin Bledsoe and Daris Long share one important thing in common: Radical Islam destroyed their sons, and they warn that it could happen anywhere. You must see the video to truly understand the story. Daris Long and Melvin Bledsoe came to the Hillsborough County School District to warn of the dangers of Hassan Shibly of the Council on American Islamic Relations speaking about Islam in Tampa schools. CAIR is linked to Hamas which is a terrorist organization. Long and Bledsoe warn of the terrible consequences of CAIR getting their hands on American students.

The son of Melvin Bledsoe shot and killed the son of Daris Long at a Little Rock army recruiting station on June 1, 2009. Carlos Bledsoe, also known as Abdulhakim Mujahid Mohammad, shot Private Andrew Long on what was planned to be the first phase of a cross-country jihad killing spree. Fortunately, he took a wrong turn in a construction zone and was apprehended. Carlos Bledsoe became a Muslim while attending Tennessee State University in Nashville.

The Bledsoe family runs a tour company in Memphis and had hoped that Carlos could take over the family business after graduating from Tennessee State University in Nashville after obtaining a degree in business administration. “Little did we know,” said Melvin, “he would get involved with a religion that would turn his life upside down.”

The indoctrinated and hallucinatory rant against ‘zionist’ and admiration for terrorist Muhammad Atta that Carlos Bledsoe began to write about after being recruited to Islam.

Carlos had been an average young boy raised in the solid faith of the Baptist Church who liked hip-hop music and whose hero was Martin Luther King. Mr. Bledsoe said that young men crave the feeling of power and the admiration of their peers. Carlos’ new Muslim friends in Nashville offered him both. These new roommates would disappear whenever Melvin and his wife visited their son. Soon they noticed Carlos had stopped listening to music, had taken all the pictures off his walls and dumped his previously beloved dog “Snow” in the Tennessee woods. Then he changed his name to Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, the same as the former Imam of the Islamic Center of Nashville who said that “the greatest lie of all time” was that Jesus was the son of God and that America was “the worst country on earth.” Carlos believed him. He left his old life behind; now he had a complete explanation of the universe and total regulation for his life. He had been chosen, he was being elevated above all others. He would be a mujahid, as his new middle name signified, a warrior for Allah. The Muslim leadership in Nashville gave him the tools.

The next step on Carlos’ journey was an extended trip to Yemen. His cover story was that he would teach English at the Al Khair center which required a recommendation from a Salafi Imam. The Salafi school of Islam is the umbrella under which the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia, the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Muslim Brotherhood and offshoots, such as Hamas, Al Qaeda and its affiliate, the Somali Al Shabaab are all situated. The recommendation was given to Carlos by the Imam of the Somali al-Farooq mosque in Nashville, Abdul Aziz. Upon arrival, Carlos (now Abdulhakim Mohammad) was spirited away to the Yemeni desert for jihad training.

In his letter of Sept. 30, 2010, Mohammad states, “I was a jihadist before I traveled to Yemen. I’ve loved jihad ever since I became a Muslim.” He often quotes Anwar Al Awlaki, the former leader of al Qaeda in Yemen and calls him “our shaykh.” Awlaki was born in New Mexico and was considered an important Salafist thinker whose work was promoted in mosques around country and by organizations such as Nashville’s Olive Tree organization before he drew attention by being linked to terror attacks. Major Nidal Hasan (the Ft. Hood jihadist) corresponded with Awlaki before his attack and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was sent by Awlaki to blow up an American airliner in the underwear bombing plot. Awlaki, an American citizen, was subsequently targeted and killed in a US drone attack in Yemen.

Mohammad had planned to murder three rabbis in Memphis, Little Rick and Nashville (he threw a firebomb at what he thought was the house of a Nashville rabbi, but it didn’t explode) shoot up and/or bomb, Jewish organizations, one Baptist Church, a child care center, a post office and army recruiting centers in Memphis, Little Rock, Florence, Kentucky, Baltimore, New York City and Washington, DC. Major Hasan had openly praised the Little Rock shooting to his fellow soldiers in the weeks before opening fire on them when he was sure they were unarmed. Mohammad subsequently praised Hasan in his letters calling him “the true Islamic warrior.”

We hope that the Tampa school Board, that has been warned about CAIR and Islamic Terror 16 times in as many meetings for the past 8 months finally decides to take action.


Note: The Tampa School Board has taken no action on CAIR as of date.


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