Why I left Islam

by Amer Bekić

There are no “moderate” Muslims, just “Muslims”.

There are Muslims of varying submission and commitment to Islam. But, those who are not 100% committed in accordance with the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sharia law, are defined specifically in the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sharia law as apostates from the faith and deserve to be killed if they refuse to return.

Those persons who refer to themselves as “Muslims” have a religious obligation to Islam 100%, nothing less. Those “Muslims” who either fail to, or refuse to engage in Jihad to spread Islam throughout the world are apostates, not “moderate” as the term is socially defined.

Islam and Sharia law does not deal equitably with non-believers. Non-believers may not act as witnesses in any legal proceeding involving Muslims. A Muslim woman may not marry a non-believer. Non-believers, in Islamic countries, are treated as inferior beings relative to Muslims. In Sharia law there are distinctly separate laws dealing specifically with non-believers. My family, friends and I left Islam because of the way so many Muslims are pushing their beliefs on society and wanting to change to Sharia law or interfering in the lives of others by praying in the streets, covering faces which is not safe for the rest of us, we need to be able to identify people and because Islam teaches they are the only real faith.

The west welcomes Muslims but Muslim countries are not so welcoming to non Muslims, in fact they oppress or hurt them. We dont want to be a part of such a hateful religion and Muslims are waking up. If Muslims can’t speak out against al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hizbollah and others like them, then in fact they appear to support them or are indifferent to them or they fear them and then complain when the other countries do something to stop their terrorism. Until you weed out your terrorists and interfere in normal laws and living of other countries there will be more of them not wanting to allow immigration of Muslims.

Truthfully, I think this is best way for Muslims to stay where they are in Muslim countries, because Islam is a culture and a way of life not just a religion (even Muslims say this), thus your laws and beliefs do not fit in other countries who think everyone is equal and where everyone else obeys the laws of the country.

If you leave Islam you are punished, families murder their own, Islam using taqiyya (lies to obtain what you need in Islam), so how can anyone trust many Muslims? I care about you as a person, but I don’t believe this religion accepts others, so I don’t think others should accept it in democratic countries. People around the world need to be kind to Muslims but I think they should reduce the percentage they allow in because in truth, why take a chance on a religion which shows violence in its teachings.


0 thoughts on “Why I left Islam”

  1. Very true there is no muslim you can trust. They could be your best friend but when they are “called” they will try to kill you. There is no good muslim

    1. What you mean is: “There are no permanently good muslims”.

      While no-one is ‘permanently good’, it would indeed seem that muslims are less permanently good than others…

      Perhaps, say, most Buddhist monks are more permanently good, on a continuum, if by good you mean essentially harmless and concerned with compassion and the well-being of all living things (which is a branch of Buddhist teaching).

      As you rightly imply – find that in islam? – ROTFLMAO!
      (Which of course, no good muslim will do – “There is no humour in islam” – quote from some Iranian arse-wipe-head.)

  2. thts the problems, some people with little to Non education tries to relate islam with other circumstances- maybe the admin had something in the past that hinder his/her view of what life is all about…
    the problems with the muslims countries are- they or should i say We (especially in the politic) tries as much as we could to rape the nature to our benefits, thts what normally happen in Arabs countries where only the high ranking people (their kings and subordinate) will trully enjoy how to live as a good muslim… this is the global dilemma because We refuse to let the god teaching to trully direct out life to where it supposed to go… to many people just wanted the money and for that they sell their fate in the name of muslim. But not all people like that, there are many good muslims andd why they r hardly being heard of? because they like to reserved themselved and preserve what they had left to them which is the holy quran and the god teaching…

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