Kenya Update: More killed and over 300 injured

Update from the subhuman savages in Kenya who twitter, calling it #JihadDispatches:

  • Our mujahideen inside the #WestGateMall notified us that they have killed 5 KDF kids & injured more than 15 of them. #JihadDispatches
  • Meanwhile our comrades have destroyed 12 vehicles & buildings belonging to the kenyan gov’t in the succesfull operation of Mandera, #Kenya.
  • Mujahideen killed 123 kuffars inside the predominantly west-infested SPY unit.more than 300 injured. #JihadDispatches
  • We just made another contact with our comrades inside #WestGate, operation nice, holding more than 50 kuffars inside. #JihadDispatches
  • The Mujahideen inside #WestGateMall killed more than 100 kuffars so far. Mission yet to be fulfilled. #JihadDispatches
  • Our mujahideen comrades are still inside the #WestGatemall doing their mission with God blessings. #JihadDispatches
  • Our mujahideen in #WestGateMall are still in full control of the complex.we are once again urging Kenya to withdraw its troops from #Somalia

Now, this is the most amusing and delusional one on Islam:

HSM Press office   @HSM_official1   22 Sep
But with God’s grace, we will overcome it and one, lawful, generous, kind religion will rule the whole world one day(ISLAM).#JihadDispatches

HSM Press office (HSM_official1) on Twitter 2013-09-26 16-28-24


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