Counter-terror idea by Simon Jenkins in response to Nairobi: Stop building malls.

Amusing (but not surprising) degree of short sightedness by a journalist.

UK Media Watch


Kenyan security personnel are still engaged in an operation against terror operatives from al-Shabaab (an Islamist group fighting to make Somalia an Islamist theocracy) two days after they brutally murdered at least 62 people at the Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi. Meanwhile, the Guardian’s veteran journalist Simon Jenkins reflected on the appropriate response to this latest terrorist atrocity.


Here are the highlights from his Sept. 23 ‘Comment is Free’ capitulation:

It’s our fault:

Sometimes we should stop and ask why terrorists commit outrages like that in a Nairobi shopping mall. The answer is the west always over-reacts to big, sensational gestures of extreme violence.

By deploying violence against a succession of Muslim states, the world’s leading powers have made their business its business and invited retaliation.

We should avoid large gatherings of any kind:

There is nothing anyone can do to prevent suicide bombers hitting civilian populations

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