(Video) The Tribal Gang Wars Between Blacks and Muslims in the UK

See how far the Muslim problems have developed across England. The country has no chance to recover. There is no future for children of England except violence and extremism. The whole country is becoming a Muslim ghetto. And unless the government is willing to unleash a civil war and deport Muslims, it is better they abandon their country.

Residency and citizenship across the West for Muslims can only be accessible to apostates – which it was originally intended for.

The video account holder states:

“Everyone in the United States of America is talking about the foot fight that turned into a major brawl and riot at South Minneapolis high school in Minnesota between Somali Muslims and African-Americans, but some Americans and Europeans would be surprised that the same exact thing is happening in England.”

“In the UK (United Kingdom) for several years now blacks from the West Indies have been under attack by Muslims. Many Muslims hate blacks in many areas of Great Brittan. They are extremely racist towards each other. The Muslim groups are Pakistani, called Asians, and Somalis and they have been physically attacking blacks who live or wander into their neighborhood, often stabbing them or trying to run them out of their neighborhoods with intimidation, even the elderly are under attack.”

“A West Indian early activist is shocked by this and enters areas where Muslims and blacks have had ongoing conflicts with each other, and is surprised to see the hatred and animosity that Moslems have for British black people and vice-a-versa. The Pakistani’s won’t even talk to the black man.”

“Liberal Socialists in Brittan and through out Europe, like in Sweden, Norway, Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium and places like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA don’t know that in many areas that minorities are fighting and attacking each other. They live in their white enclaves and are unaware of what is going on in their multicultural hell hole they have created. This proves that Multiculturalism does not work.”

Your Daily Muslim: Abdiasis Abu Musab

Your Daily Muslim

Somali-based terror group al-Shabaab is cowardly. Instead of waging warfare in the open, they instead plot coordinated jihad strikes, lying in wait until the perfect moment to assault the kuffar (infidels). Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab is al-Shabaab’s military spokesman. And yes, he’s a sheikh, a learned holy man of Islam. However, he isn’t preaching the peace that liberals want you to believe Islam is about – he preaches jihad, and praises the slaughter of innocent kuffar.

In 2012, the Somali army (with the help of Kenyan forces) engaged al-Shabaab in the Battle of Kismayo. Musab was one of al-Shabaab’s military leaders in the battle, and shortly before the confrontation, he had announced that the terror group would be switching to more guerrilla tactics and less open confrontation. The Somali forces launched a surprise attack on the Islamist-controlled city of Kismayo, and encountered strangely little jihadi resistance. During the fight, Musab…

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How to Survive as a Jew in Sweden? Shut up and fade into the woodwork.

Last year I had the pleasure ofinterviewing a Swedish Zionist activist named Annika Henroth-Rothstein, who recounted her experience advocating for Israel in a country whose tiny Jewish population continues to dwindle due largely to a dangerous increase in antisemitism.  

Recently Ms. Rothstein published aletter which she sent to a writer named Michel Gurfinkiel in response to his extremely important essayat Mosaic (published earlier this month) about the future of European Jewry.  Here it is:

Dear Mr. Gurfinkiel,

On April 26 of this year, I was on a train with my five-year-old son Charlie. We were on our way to spend shabbat with friends in the city. You see, our town, significant in the history of Swedish Jewry, shut its synagogue in the late 90s. All that remains now is a plaque stating that there was once Jewish life here, while we are left with an hour-long…

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The lies of George Galloway

When he’s not engaging in antisemitism, licking the boots of fascist dictators, or contributing to ‘Comment is Free’, George Galloway provides commentary on world events for PressTV Global News.

Recently on the Iranian network, he offered a classic conspiracy theory, alleging that Israel supplied the Syrians with chemical weapons used to murder several hundred civilians last week – a charge which found its way onto the floor of the House of Commons.

Here are a few passages from an entry at 5:18 PM at the Guardian‘s Live Blog of the House of Commons debate on Syria intervention yesterday:

Matthew Offord, a Conservative, asks Galloway if it is true that he said on Iranian TV that the Israelis supplied the Syrians with chemical weapons.

Galloway says Offord should not believe what he gets told in green ink letters from constituents. But the rebels in Syria have…

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Guardian publication corrects false claim that Israel used ‘chemical weapons’ in Gaza

The Jerusalem Post just reported the following regarding a false allegation against Israel made by Nabila Ramdani in an Observer commentary on Aug. 31:

Israel won a small battle Sunday against creeping attempts to equate Israel’s use of white phosphorous in Gaza to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s use of chemical weapons when the Observer in Britain issued a correction on the matter Sunday.

“Contrary to the impression given in Assad is a war criminal, but an attack will do nothing for the people of Syria”(Comment, last week, page 34), white phosphorus, used by Israeli forces in Gaza in 2008, is not a chemical weapon as understood by the Chemical Weapons Convention, and its use is in itself not ‘in breach of all international conventions,” the paper [a sister publication of the Guardian] noted on Sunday.

 Read the rest of the storyhere.

(Note: Though the correction was…

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Guardian contributor claims ‘Female Genital Mutilation’ is practiced by Jews (Update)

According to the World Health Organization, a staggering 140 million girls worldwide are currently living with the consequences of female genital mutilation (FGM).  The procedure (carried out on young girls between infancy and age 15) is designed to alter the female genital organs, and is “motivated by the desire to reduce a woman’s sexual desires”.  The WHO notes that “the practice is most common in the western, eastern, and northeastern regions of Africa, in some countries in Asia and the Middle East, and among migrants from these areas.”

Homa Khaleeli, a staff feature writer for the Guardian, penned a heartbreaking essay at ‘Comment is Free’ (Female Genital Mutilation: Mothers need to say no, Sept. 8) about the practice of FGM, focusing largely on the personal account of Faduma Ali, who, at age 86, still remembers the pain of being circumcised when she was a young girl in Somalia…

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Many young Britons do not trust Muslims, poll finds

More than a quarter of young people in Britain mistrust Muslims, a survey suggests.

Burkas and niqabs banned from Swiss canton

Some 27% of 18 to 24-year-olds say they do not trust Muslims. Photo: ALAMY


By Rosa Silverman  |  The Telegraph

12:15PM BST 25 Sep 2013

Some 27% of the thousand 18 to 24-year-olds questioned said they did not trust them, while fewer than three in 10 (29%) thought Muslims were doing enough to tackle extremism in their communities.

A similar proportion of the young people polled (28%) said the country would be better off with fewer Muslims and almost half (44%) felt Muslims did not share the same values as everyone else.

The BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat survey was carried out by the pollsters Comres in June.

It found that young people were more likely to agree (48%) than disagree (27%) that Islam is a peaceful religion, however.

Young adults were also found to be divided over the question of whether immigration is good for the UK.

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Around two fifths (42%) believe it is a good thing but more than a third disagree (35%), the survey showed.

Akeela Ahmed, from the cross-government Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred, said: “These findings indicate that we need to ensure young people are mixing at local levels and that they’re working on projects together so that people can get to know Muslims and vice versa.”

Professor Matthew Goodwin, another of the group’s members, said every survey run by himself or his academic colleagues clearly showed that a “significant proportion” of the British public harboured negative views of Islam.

This suggested, by extension, that they also felt negatively about British Muslim communities, he added.

Levels of distrust of other religious groups were lower meanwhile.

Of those polled, 16% said they did not trust Hindus or Sikhs, 15% said they did not trust Jews, 13% mistrusted Buddhists and 12% did not trust Christians

A recent YouGov poll found that 61% of people wanted a ban on burkas in Britain.

But those aged 18 to 39 were much less likely to agree with the idea of a ban than those aged 40 or older.

(Video) 1000’s of Muslim Africans pour over the Moroccan fence into Melilla in Spain

Ok, not all of these people in the clip have to be Muslim but you don’t need to be a genius to figure out that many indeed will be. Fact remains that the overwhelming majority of people from Africa coming into Europe are from North Africa, which is indeed a Muslim population. And since the nations with endless conflicts and aggression tend to be Muslim dominated or Muslim invaded regions, that’s what is pouring in not only to take the chance to spread elsewhere, but to spread their extremism to other regions.

Fact also remains that Calais, for example, which has a 24/7/365 problem with an endless influx of illegals, are Muslim majority illegals. Therefore the heading.

The problem has been created by the EU. And while recognizing the damage the EU open-gate policy has had across Europe, they continue to keep borders open and worsening the situation to unmanageable levels.


African migrants break into Spain’s Melilla territory

Hundreds of illegal migrants have torn down part of a 6m-high (19 ft) fence that surrounds the Spanish territory of Melilla in North Africa.

About 100 people broke through from Moroccan territory, illegally entering the European Union.
Six Spanish civil guard officers were hurt in clashes between migrants and police. One migrant broke his leg when he fell from the fence, said officials.

Thousands of migrants make for Morocco each year to try to cross the fence.

Melilla – home to about 80,000 people – has one of the European Union’s two land borders with Africa. The other is Ceuta, another Spanish territory north of Morocco.

The Spanish government says unrest in northern Africa has swelled the numbers of people trying to reach the EU by crossing the fence.

The migrants who got into Melilla on Tuesday would be housed in an immigrant reception centre, the AFP news agency reports.

The governor of Melilla, Abdelmalik el-Barkani, said in May that police in the territory were struggling to cope with the flow of migrants.
He said a crackdown on migration to the Spanish Canary Islands in the Atlantic was driving greater numbers of migrants to Melilla.
Sorce : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europ…

Al-Shabaab steals British foreign aid

Money Jihad

As if we needed another reason to discontinue aid to such countries, al-Shabaab has given us another demonstration.  It is almost impossible to ensure that aid such as this gets to the right people who actually need it.

There are enough supply chain risks in war-torn countries like Somalia that most private sector companies wouldn’t invest in them or touch them with a ten-foot pole.  But Western governments swoop in without regard to the regulatory risks. The standards of compliance that apply to banks and multinational corporations, who are routinely excoriated for the slightest export control or anti-money laundering program deficiencies, don’t seem to apply to our governmental aid agencies.

From Channel 4 last month:

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BBC revises report on Israeli soldier killed in Hebron

BBC Watch

At around 18:30 on the evening of Sunday September 22nd Staff Sergeant Gal (Gavriel) Kobi, aged 20, from Tirat HaCarmel was mortally wounded in Hebron. A combat soldier in the Givati Brigade, Gal Kobi was shot in the neck whilst on duty providing security for visitors to the Machpelah Cave in the city on the occasion of Succot. He was evacuated to hospital in Jerusalem, but doctors were unable to save his life.

Just before 23:00 local time Gal Kobi’s name and personal details were made public. Three hours later the BBC published a report on the incident on the Middle East page of its BBC News website. For the second time in two days, despite the fact that a murdered soldier’s name had already been cleared for publication, the BBC failed to include it in the initial version of its report.  

Kobi Gavriel Hevron

The report stated:

“The Israeli…

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Counter-terror idea by Simon Jenkins in response to Nairobi: Stop building malls.

Amusing (but not surprising) degree of short sightedness by a journalist.


Kenyan security personnel are still engaged in an operation against terror operatives from al-Shabaab (an Islamist group fighting to make Somalia an Islamist theocracy) two days after they brutally murdered at least 62 people at the Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi. Meanwhile, the Guardian’s veteran journalist Simon Jenkins reflected on the appropriate response to this latest terrorist atrocity.


Here are the highlights from his Sept. 23 ‘Comment is Free’ capitulation:

It’s our fault:

Sometimes we should stop and ask why terrorists commit outrages like that in a Nairobi shopping mall. The answer is the west always over-reacts to big, sensational gestures of extreme violence.

By deploying violence against a succession of Muslim states, the world’s leading powers have made their business its business and invited retaliation.

We should avoid large gatherings of any kind:

There is nothing anyone can do to prevent suicide bombers hitting civilian populations

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BBC misleads again on Gaza’s coastal waters and airspace

BBC Watch

On September 17th the BBC News website published an article on its Middle East page entitled “Palestinian killed during Israeli raid in West Bank“. Early versions of the article addressed the subject of an incident in Jenin during which Islam Tubasi – a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror organization – was shot and later died of his wounds. 

A later version of the article – the one currently available to visitors to the BBC News website – was extended to include unsubstantiated claims made by Tubasi’s family. The report also includes additional unrelated information regarding recent measures approved by the Israeli government, including the allocation of more permits to enable Palestinians from PA controlled areas to work in Israel.

However, the background information provided is highly misleading. The article states:

“The West Bank has been under Israeli military occupation since 1967”

Once again we see here…

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CiF Watch prompts Guardian correction: Evidently, Jews didn’t ‘storm the mosque’

On Sept. 22 we posted about a false and incredibly propagandistic photo caption at the Guardian in a Sept. 21 story titled Life in Palestine 20 years on from the Oslo accord – in pictures‘. Here’s the photo in question:

Here’s the original caption:

We contacted Guardian editors, pointing out that – in addition to their comical, extremist-inspired narrative that Jews had ‘stormed the mosque’ – Jews weren’t even at the mosque compound on the day in question because Yom Kippur was on Friday, the day every week the site is closed to non-Muslims. Additionally, we demonstrated that the Palestinians seen in the photo (in Gaza City) were actually protesting security restrictions imposed at the mosque compound which were unrelated to Yom Kippur.

They agreed to revise the text, and here’s how it now appears:


We’re thankful that Guardian editors belatedly (if only implicitly) acknowledged the fantastical nature of…

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