This has GOT to be the FIRST case, ever: Saudi husband gets 20 lashes for hitting wife!

Is the shameful and utterly despicable behavior of Muslim men finally being assessed by courts in – hear o hear – Saudi Arabia? Without doubt Muslim men have brought permanent shame, contempt, loathing, and a lifetime disrepute to Islam and muslims as a whole all across the world. So where is the honor killing of the men?
They can even kill their wives or children without any punishment or consequences. A case came to mind where a Saudi husband decided to punish his wife for some minor disobedience, tied her to a rope attached to the tow hook of his car, and drove in high speed in circles with her tied body rolling behind his car until there was little left of her. He just cut the rope and left her dismembered body there, in the desert sands. He was never charged.
And we haven’t forgotten little 5 year old Lama, who had her scull crushed, her arm and ribs broken, who was tortured, raped by a pipe so hard by her own father that her entire genitals ripped open on which her father tried to burn it together and hide the abuse. All for him suspecting her of not being a virgin. She went into coma and died nine months later.
Therefore, this story felt like our ears would fall off (or is it simply a Saudi media ploy?). Or are these satanic people trying to put their new ‘outlaw domestic violence’ to test that was approved by the cabinet on August 26?

Reckon we won’t be seeing this for a few centuries in Saudi Arabia.


20 lashes for husband despite wife’s pardon

Saudi court says wife could attend the flogging

By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief

Published: 09:46 September 12, 2013

Manama: A court in Al Qateef in eastern Saudi Arabia has sentenced a husband to 20 lashes after he allegedly hit his wife on her shoulder.

The case was filed one month ago by the wife who presented a medical report supporting her claim.

However, the husband, in his 30s, denied he meant to hurt his wife and said that he was merely joking with her, local Arabic daily Al Sharq reported on Thursday. Even though the wife later told the authorities that she was dropping the case against her husband following their successful reconciliation, the prosecution refused to dismiss the public charges and insisted on the trial.

The judge ruled that the wife had the right to attend the flogging.


0 thoughts on “This has GOT to be the FIRST case, ever: Saudi husband gets 20 lashes for hitting wife!”

    1. It could be fakery to gain a better reputation. We’re suspicious unless we see it becoming more common. There was no punishment for Lama’s father in the early part of the year.

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