Muslim in Gaza tortures mouse that ate his wages

Gaza man suspends animal that ate his salary by limbs and posts image on Facebook

By Nasouh Nazzal, Correspondent

Published: 17:09 September 22, 2013

Gulf News


Ramallah: A Palestinian man has retaliated against a mouse that chewed through some of his wages by suspending the animal by its limbs and posting an image on Facebook.


The man, who lives in Gaza but is originally from the city of Hebron in the West Bank, tied the mouse to ropes to avenge the mouse’s actions in sneaking into the Palestinian’s closet and eating 3 banknotes of 200 Israeli Shekels each (Dh200) of the man’s pay.

The man claimed he had just received his weekly salary and had hidden it from view for safety.

His actions come amid extreme and unprecedented economic conditions faced in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, the West Bank and Gaza. The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) has delayed cashing in public worker salaries for several months in the West Bank due to shortages brought about in part by Israeli withholiding of Palestinian funds.

Several comments have been posted about the incident.

One commenter made a tongue in cheek remark that that the issue should be brought to the UN General Assembly and the Security Council which should immediately act to release the mouse.

A second comment criticised the man’s actions, claiming it is unacceptable to act this way with creatures which cause little harm to human beings.

A third comment said that the incident was a comic scene which shows the value of money for Palestinian public workers.



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