MB supporter tries to ‘set woman on fire’ in Egypt over pro-army ringtone

Egyptian Islamist tries to ‘set woman on fire’ over pro-army ringtone

A Muslim Brotherhood supporter allegedly tried to set a woman on fire after hearing her ‘pro-army’ ringtone. (Al Arabiya)
Sunday, 22 September 2013
Al Arabiya

An Egyptian Islamist allegedly attempted to set his colleague on fire, after he heard her mobile phone’s pro-army ringtone, the online edition of local newspaper al-Ahram reported on Saturday.

The man, described by the newspaper as a supporter of deposed Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi, reportedly backed the Muslim Brotherhood, which Mursi hails from.

The newspaper said the 23-year-old woman had told the police that her colleague started insulting her after he heard the ringtone. He then attempted to set her on fire by dousing her in petrol.

The suspect reportedly works in a pharmaceutical company and frequently got into big arguments with his coworker for using a ringtone praising the Egyptian army.

The song “Tislam al-Ayade” or “May God Reward the hands” gained massive popularity among Egyptians after the army, led by Egypt’s army chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, toppled Mursi on July 3, sparking a violent crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood supporters and officials.

In recent weeks, the Brotherhood’s anti-military protests have drawn fewer demonstrators.


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