Exclusive video footage on the Westgate attack

Westgate Kenya today, Westfield London tomorrow. And while Britain’s PM David Cameron continues to live in his little bubble of delusion and still deny Muslim inspiration for aggression, racism and murder to originate from the Quran, his country lives on borrowed time.
Three people, not one, were beheaded within a month of soldier Lee Ribgy’s public decapitation in front of a bus with over 30 civilians watching. Schools are now hijacked by Saudi trained Salafi’s to provide the necessary indoctrination of small children while non-Muslims are ordered to wear a veil. Any counter-jihad groups are branded racists and smeared in media, while extremist Muslims are protected for their ‘human rights’ (how can a non-human be deemed to have human rights?).
The rapid expansion of mosques and islamisation in Britain is eagerly funded by former PM Tony Blair’s friends, the Saudi’s and Qataris who are spreading mosques in Britain and all across Europe. Mayor Boris Johnson is almost masturbating in joy every time he can offer another business transaction with terror funding Qatar. Meanwhile the Muslim population just keeps growing in the UK with the largest population growth last year being of Saudi origin. London had a 38% Muslim population in 2010 and has probably reached the 50% mark by now.
No one does a thing to stop the country’s submergence into the dark waters of Islam.



0 thoughts on “Exclusive video footage on the Westgate attack”

  1. These Al-shaabab magotts should be erased and exterminated. Africa is slowly dying because of the extremism and the islamization, and if this cancer’s goes on and on, then we’ll have a continent of hate, persecution and death. That scenario is scarry and the Armageddon of the freedom in Africa. So i hope they can get ridd of this islam-poison, otherwise they’re f*cked!!

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