Your Daily Muslim: Shazzat Hossain

Your Daily Muslim

Muslims are terrible at realizing when they’re just making fools of themselves, and are incredibly easy to goad into further self-humiliation. Teenage UK Muslim Shazzat Hossain found the Allah Sucks Facebook page and immediately started flipping shit like a psychological primitive. He really should’ve given up from the get-go, but instead dragged his feet in the mud and ended up getting an intellectual thrashing he probably won’t soon forget.

Here’s how it began:


Hossain then threw several “go f**k yer mum”s at the page, along with a couple thinly-veiled threats of violence and rape. After asking the page to block him and not respond, he kept raging as the Allah Sucks admins continued their relentless assault on the pitiful, whimpering Hossain.


He then tried groveling at the admins to stop contacting him, but shortly thereafter realized it would be to no avail, so the messages got even more violent. I…

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