Hate crime in UK: Muslims beat 69-year old Sikh pensioner to death in shop

Update: Chatham murder inquiry latest after woman’s body found

by Julia Roberts  |  KentOnline

Three men have appeared in court accused of the murder of Chatham pensioner Harjit Chaggar.

The body of retired machinist Mrs Chaggar, 69, was found at the Sani Globe food store in Luton Road, Chatham, on Saturday, September 14.

The mother and grandmother had been missing from her home in Hillside Terrace since September 2.

Her family made a high profile appeal for any information regarding her disappearance the day before she was found.

Abdul Hannan and Murshed Miah

Abdul Hannan and Murshed Miah

A post mortem examination revealed the cause of death was head and chest injuries.

Now Abdul Hannan, 44, Murshed Miah, 38, both from Maidstone, and Mohammad Islam, 28, from Gillingham, have been charged with her murder and appeared at Maidstone Crown Court today.

Harjit Chaggar was found dead in a shop

Harjit Chaggar was found dead in a shop

They stood in the dock, each dressed in grey sweatshirts and bottoms and flanked by three dock officers. Islam was helped by a Bengali interpreter.

The public gallery was packed as prosecutor Ian Hope told the court all three worked at the store.

He agreed with Judge Jeremy Carey that the case involved “substantial forensic evidence”.

Scenes of crime detectives at the scene earlier today

Scenes of crime detectives at the scene earlier today

The defendants were remanded in custody until a plea and case management hearing on December 5 when they are expected to enter their pleas to the charges.


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  1. Its a terrible trocious attack. Iknow these 3 men ,At least Hanan quiite well. Fro over 2 years perhaps moreI have shoppped for Halal meat and grocries at the Sani Globe whiich oowned on the Luton Road Chatham. He, especially of the three was always so polite courteous and helpful. I was so shockedto hear that all three had been chargedwith the murder of poor Mrs Cheggar bless her soul. I wonder if any more murders have occurred in that basement and if we have truly been eating Halal meat Dread the thought…

      1. Animals slaughtered to make halal aren’t tortured. Their connection to the brain has been cut as soon as the knife runs on their neck. Go do some research before uttering this kind of ignorant crap. The mainstream way of cutting an animal is more painful to it then halal slaughtering.

      2. Oh, ok. So we can cut Muslim throat then? It should be perfectly fine then and should not constitute violent or torture? Did you actually ask permission from these animals whether they agreed to be slaughtered (beheaded)?

      3. Slowly beheading an animal (or person, in the case of muslim trash) is the most inhumane act anyone can think of. Your disgusting culture mirrors many things that people with a soul and a good conscious detest. I am a sikh and as angry as this news makes me, I would not wish revenge upon any elderly muslim woman. Why? Because Sikhism teaches us to be good people, not to act like wild animals. I hope these men face the justice they deserve, either in prison or on the streets. Muslims are trash, always have been and will continue to be so long as they exist- clearly demonstrated by Farhan’s illogical comment regarding beheading; if it doesn’t hurt, I hope you go out like that.

  2. Instead of showing showing us the news of the world, why isnt this on Sky News? or BBC News. Sikhs are loving and honourable people. I feel for the victim and her family.

    1. Steve Goodchild . ” Instead of showing us the news of the world, why isn’t this on Sky news ? or BBC News ” Are you not aware that our mainstream media is infested with muslim sympathiser and muslims. Any time muslims do any thing wrong murder, rape , grooming of non muslim girls will not be main news . Just see http://www.thereligionofpeace.com I feel sorry for the family.

    2. FARAN .”.Go do some research before uttering this kind of ignorant crap ” FARAH, Now have you see the website ROB GREENFIELD suggested ? What have you to say about it ? If you are human and have some decency in you, you need to apologise to ROB, know you muslims it will be not happen. The problem with you muslims is you think non muslims/ infidels have no means to find truth about Islam or muslims. Thanks to us Infidel’s technology that every thing is possible to find about your evil doing and what not. Do you read Quran ? Why is your Allah curses non muslims right ,left and centre ? No amount of you defending Islam is going to change any thing. Islam is evil , period see http://www.faithfreedom.org

    1. Clearly you cannot read! it says bengali’s not Paki’s so get your facts right! and yes i’m a PAKIstani but it doesn’t mean were all the same! i have over 30 sikh friends who i treat as brothers so don’t let the acts of three individuals ruin ur perception of what u call ‘PAKIS’

      1. respect to this jus becasue these 3 pathetic little boys done such a disgusting and horrible act dont mean all muslims are like that .the same was about 9/11 that was carried out by george bush himself under secrecy yet everyone decided to hate on the muslims because bin laden took the blame. muslims and sikhs and hindus DO get along i have 4 best friends who are sikhs/hindus and i see them as my brothers and sisters yh. their parents call me son and i call them mom and dad out of respect . even thou we are different relgiions we respect each others beliefs values and trust and celebrate everyting together as one whole FAMILY. clearly s channa u are still a backwards believer and thats fine by, to each their own’ but heres an idea “SHUT UP”. jus like ammar im a muslim so if ur one of them people that believes the media about everything they say S channa then seriousl either grow up or do 1.

        but i will say i hope they punish these little boys for the crime they commited and may Aunty Harjit Rest in Peace in heaven

        yes i said aunty becasue of the RESPECT i have for my elders regardless of religion S CHANNA

      2. the majority of PAKIstani’s are all the same. looking down on people who are not of their nationality thinking they r better than eveyrone else and shit

      3. WALEED. ”..the same was about 9/11 that was carried out by george bush himself under secrecy yet everyone ..” That is typical of muslims, no amount of you muslims lying can it become truth. This is from a Book by Wali Khan ” Facts Are Facts The Untold Story Of India’s Partition ” In it he says Quote ”Muslims have always been denied access to the truth and historical evidence , luckily ,however , history has a way of revealing itself sooner or later ,no matter how much effort is made to camouflage it with pretty untruth ” Can you understand that?
        ” I have 4 best friends who are Sikhs/hindus and I see them as my brothers and sisters …” You CAN’T call yourself a true muslim a follower of Allah, the reason being From your Quran Sura 3:28 ” Let Believers NOT make friends with infidels in preference to the faithful, he that does this has NO connection with Allah, unless you guard yourselves against them. Allah admonishes you to fear Him for to Him you shall all return ” So stop lying

    2. in case you didnt read, it said BENGALI. NOT PAKISTANI. even though it is bengalis, they shouldnt go back to their country. you know why? not ALL people are the same. An Asian man was accused of a shooting in New York yesterday, so should Asians go back to their country? hm. no. exactly. a person’s religion and race DO NOT define their character and personality !!

      1. these bangladeshis were pakistanis till 1971 . pakistan was created out of hatred for the original natives(ie hindus) of indian sub continent. muslims & their english masters claimed muslims r a nation who cant live with hindus hence need a muslim country muslims got parts of muslim majority regions they named it land of pure(pakistan) implying majority hindus & sikh areas 2b impure.if muslims r a different nation the & cant live with other communities then brits should carve out territory from britain for muslims as they did for muslim areas of india. brits partitioned india but will they partition their own land to satisfy their muslim subjects as they did in 1947 & helped in satisfying muslim hate others ideology.through out history brits have supported islamic radical forces many times

      1. Channa I don’t blame you your a sheep. Read the headline it’s designed to anger small minded people like you. the Washington naval shooting headline was it ” Christian shoots dead 12 people? The gurdwara shooting headline ” Christian opens fire in a gurdwara” SO…… Why Muslim kills a pensioner. Why not 3 criminals kill a pensioner? U need serious educating

      2. HISTORICAL TRUTH ”…& can’t live with other communities then brits should carve out territory from Britain for muslims as they did for muslim areas of India ……their own land to satisfy their muslim subjects …” My dear friend, don’t worry there is defiantly going to be a partition of UK , as soon as the muslim population gets to around 50% in UK [ Why do you think muslims are breeding like rats ]? What does democracy mean ? Majority rule , if ever the WEST is going to succumb to Islam/muslims it will be because of democracy. Now see http://www.creepingshara.wordpress.com and http://www.compassdierct.org

      3. NORMAN BATES ” They’re Bengalis .Please …” Yes, but they are still muslims. Are you a new convert to Islam or just writing under pseudo name? Just curious.

      1. Really okay soo how about the many Sikhs that have been killing there wives in North America…? go look you’ll find many killed there wives and what about the ones killing the daughter in law just because of dowry really? We can point fingers at one another n promote hate or actually look at problems and why are they occurring?

  3. Sickening! Muslims have long been linked with crimes against Sikhs in the UK. It’s only a matter of time before the nation finally gets sick of these scroungers and criminals and retaliates. We owe a lot to the Sikhs who fought for us in the World Wars and continue to fight on the front line TO THIS DAY. On the opposite side of the spectrum are the Muslims who are renowned scroungers who have given barely anything back except for their hate.

    1. It’s very upsetting. An elderly woman who could clearly never defend herself against brutal Muslim men, is being attacked in this horrid manner. Its possible they were trying to steal her gold jewelry. This is a new trend in the UK: theft of gold from the India community who tend to save and invest in physical gold.


      1. What planet are you on?? Of course Sikhs had a choice, and as a warrior race, we chose to take a stand for what was right with the British army. Sikhs owe far more to the British and western countries than we do to india where the very people for whom we shed blood now oppress and victimise sikhs.

      2. SK. ”WE DIDNT HAVE A CHOISE…..AND CLAIMED IT YOURS BIG TERROIST ” Who ate you trying to fool? You are muslins pretending to be a Sikh . Have you ever heard of the word ” al-taqiyya ”

      3. Moderator clearly is ignorant of Historical fact.. Britain left India divided down Religious lines. WWII was the death knell for the British Empire and as the truth is not welcome here i will not go into the gory details and remind Moderator that the Jew Rothschild single handedly destroyed the Empire once he secured Palestine.. Nathan Rothschild said (1777-1836): “I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply.” If you think that is far fetched then read the lyrics of a Tommy War Song doing the rounds in 1939 ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS

        Onward Christian soldiers
        You have nought to fear
        Israel Hore-Belisha
        Will lead you from the rear.
        Clothed by Monty Burton
        Fed on lion’s pie
        Die for Jewish freedom
        As a Briton always dies

        Apparently this was banned in 1939 by the above-named Jew Leslie Hore-Belisha, a
        British war minister.

        The Jews destroyed the British Empire and left Great Britain virtually bankrupt after WWII and to make matters worse a crime was committed against britain that should live on in infamy http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article4667.htm

      4. Ahhh…. the jews, the jews! All the world’s problems are the cause of the jews… not only the jews but ONE jew. What an absolutely ridiculous statement.

    3. Jimmy king my father fought with the British in world war 2 He was a Muslim Muslims in British army are giving their lives in Iraq protecting people like you. Your the scrounger mate.

      1. NORMAN .” Muslim in British army are giving their lives in Iraq protecting people like you…..” Oh Ya !!!!! Can you please give us the name of the Regiment and if possible their names or any source of your info? And tell us how many of those muslim soldiers have dies for us? You muslims are full of so much $hit that its unbelievable.

    1. firstly by the sound of their names they are bengali, secondly murder is against muslims religious belief so they are not muslim, just because they have muslim names doesnt make anyone a muslim. Its just the media playing on the word ‘Muslims’ as it sells more than ‘heartless men’ or ‘disgusting men’. There will always be a minority of bad people within each race or community, why does the media protray this as ALL Muslims. Either way what they did is wrong and may peace be with the family of the lost of their loved one.

      1. Gaff – do you live in a bubble???? Have you not listened nor read the news??? islamists are responsible for so many murders all over the world – and they brag about it! They say they do it all in the name of allah.

      2. Moderator, actually I think you will find nobody murders more people per year than our own army and the US army, just because we don’t get told about it in the media does not mean that hundreds of thousands, even millions of lives we have taken over the past decade never mind past century have been lost, for what, a group of people at the top to stay in control, a lot of you people here are disillusioned and uneducated by the sounds of your replies. You are the same people who are so entangled in your pitiful lives that you cant see what is happening around you. Until you do not see this you will blame whichever nation is on the agenda at the time, russians, irish, muslims, whatever.

      3. Uhm I’d like for all of you to know that in ISLAM, murdering an innocent person is FORBIDDEN. If you’d like go research the religion. it is clearly stated in the holy book. Don’t google it, there are people making up BS. if you actually want to have an educated opinion, go buy a Quran with translation and read it. The amount of IGNORANCE and RACISM in these comments is DISGUSTING. I’m sickened by the thought that I live in a world with this much ignorance and hatred.

      4. Becky, to them being non-muslim IS a crime and therefore it justifies every murder of a non-muslim – we are all infidels and they kill infidels – that’s all the justification they need.


      5. Lynne Marton….excactly ‘do you watch the news’…. As I stated its the media, media is the news right? playing on their names, where they are from and the colour of their skin. The above article never mentioned once they did it in the name of Allah or Islam etc. Its just the media feeding fuel into the fire by stiring up hate between religions. Just think about it, if they had names like John, James and Matthew, would the media mention ‘Christians beat 69-year old Sikh pensioner to death in shop’?? Now who is brain washed? I like to think of my own opinions and judgements rather than blindly following what the media tells me.

    2. ANON ” Fuckin pakis ” To be honest , i think we don’t need a language like this here, Good discussion or argument is what we need .Thanks, I hope you get my point.

  4. So a defenceless Sikh woman goes about her business and yet again, Muslims see to it they kill/injure/harm another human being. What is wrong with these people?? Muslims need to be taught they cannot run around and harm anyone they feel like and then turn around and say its ok, because they did it for their faith/religion!!!

    1. #1. dont generalize this as “muslims”. say these 3. you said “a sikh woman” so why are you generalizing all muslims for what these 3 have done.
      #2. just because they’re bengali doesnt mean they’re muslim
      #3. if they ARE muslim, they arent very knowledgeable about the religion because killing innocent people is FORBIDDEN.

      learn about this religion before you open your ignorant mouth about it.

      1. Becky – once again – same reply as my last one to you – bring a non-muslim – and “infidel” – is a crime to them and that’s all they need to justify murdering anyone.


  5. Do you have any evidence to verify that it was a hate crime? Nonetheless it was a dispicable act of cowardise and I hope they come to find out what it feels like to violently assaulted in prison. Such scumbags should be deported, regarless of whether they hae a UK passport or not.

  6. It is horror. Why muslim people enjoying kill are everyone….. what wrong with them. They need grown up should peace other people not fault. They need wash brain.

    1. HARDEEP KAUR ” why muslim people enjoying kill are everyone .. what wrong with them…” It surprises me that you being a Sikh woman don’t know why muslims kill? Looks like you don’t know your own history, shame on you. It is people like you who are so ignorant about Islam and muslims. I suggest your read your own history what muslim did to your Gurus and Hindus too.

  7. The Muslim community is so weak, poorly educated worldwide, binding themselves together in tribalistic and poorly structured communities bent on ignoring progress.

    Please, have a look at the council or ex muslims website, join us, hundreds of thousands of members both born Muslim and previously Converts, in enlightening and sharing the truth about this dark ages religion that has no future on an educated and fast changing planet.


  8. I think them guys are white men with bangali masks on. Come on peel back the facemask moderator and show us the truth you shitstirring faggot! lol!

  9. ISLAM IS HARAM FUCK THE KORAN AND THE MORAN MUHAMADERCHOD MUSLIMS ARE ALWAYS JEALOUS AND WILL CONTINUE BECUZ OF THERE BLIND FAITH IN A FALSE MESSENGER soo allah was too lazy to come down to earth and sent a peophodile as a messenger give me a break 72 pearl eyed virgin boys ( acording to the quran verse**) 30 wives and women covered up like animals SEXUAL JIHAD jihad-al-nikah muslims cant ever fight with there hands bitches always attack the weak cuz there religion is weak

    1. since you are cursing in punjabi, I’m assuming youre sikh/punjabi.

      YOUR RELIGION IS A COMBINATION OF this “harami” Islam and Hinduism. in case you didnt know.

      1. the history book is fake sikhism has no connection with islam the mughal muslim rulers killed many gurus the mugals are gone but they left a deadly virus called islam in india which converts people into becoming infidels(muslims) all desi muslims are infidels who bent over n converted by mughals they were conquered n there ancestors were weak hence u see them doing this sort of haramic crime

      2. A few comments above this one, you said people shouldn’t make assumptions as to someone’s religion as these guys are Bengali which doesn’t necessarily make them Muslims. And then you decide to make an assumption as to Harami Islami’s religion here? You’re a hypocritical idiot and typical of what’s wrong with Islam.
        You don’t even know how Sikhism was created because you think it’s a mix of ISlam and Hinduism. Earlier you said that people shouldn’t google Islam but it’s clear you googled Sikhism and listened to the first piece of bull you came across. Proving once again that you’re a hypocritical idiot.

  10. What a disgusting group of men make me sick.Would they have done that to their own mother ? Picking on a poor defenless old lady, what a bunch of cowards what they could’nt pick on no one of their size.Pathetic, evil, and disgusting pieces of s***!!!!!!!

    1. let me ask you one thing before you start hating on muslims in general.

      Are muslims the only ones who do these things? no.

      It is completely wrong of ANYONE to kill but dont generalize the general muslim community for what 3 dumbasses did. yes there are others who are muslim and have done things but again why generalize ?! no dont generalize. by generalizing, you’re adding to the hatred and ignorance in this world.

      try learning more about the religion before talking about it’s followers. and by learning i dont mean google it. I mean go talk to a muslim. go open their religious book and read it.

      1. Becky – I ave heard on videos from their own imams and from their own mouths that this is what they are doing and as I have mentioned twice before – we are all infidels in their eyes and that is all the justification they need for murdering anyone!! And they brag about it and say they do it in the name of allah!!!

      2. Hey bitch Becky. We non-Muslims aren’t allowed to touch your unholy book same as when you’re on the rag, you can’t either in case you make it dirty Whore.

      3. LYNNE MARTON ..” And they brag about it and say they do it in the name of allah !!! ” You are so right This is from muslim’s Quran Sura 9:111″ Allah has purchased from the faithful their lives and worldly goods and in return has promised them paradise. They will fight for the cause of Allah, they will Kill and be Killed ” And that is exactly what muslims have been doing from the times of their so called profit mo-ham-mad , either killing one another or non believers .Please see http://www.jihad-watch.org and http://www.islam-watch.org

      4. It makes me sad and sick at the same time – I never thought this world of our would be in such a bad way – and why??? Because there are a group of individuals that feel it is their “allah given right” to destroy everyone that isn’t muslim. I have read the tracts by their own imams – seen the videos that they proudly have posted on you tube preaching about the planned takeover of the world by them – and it is not something to be taken lightly as a lot of people are doing. I have been following their progress for several years now, and it is just getting more and more overt. They used to be very secretive about what they were doing – but not any more. And I am trying to get the message out there to people – our own governments are not doing anything to stop them – and I have no idea why!!!!!

  11. their are always bad people in communities, they are the bad names, but generally muslim do not approve such thing, these people are criminals, and criminals are hate by all human being,this includes any religion.

  12. dirty Muslim scum, all you pricks who are defending them saying that you all aren’t the same well the ones which aren’t should be educating the degenerate inbred ones like these!

  13. 99% of you are fighting with each other and ‘defending your faiths’ when a poor woman has been murdered, pipe up and sit down and have some respect fools…

    May Harjit Chagger RIP


  14. This is another symptom of a larger problem. First thing is first, first we need to get every single member of the MULTI CULT out of positions of power and influence. These turds can be found on the left or so called right they simply need to be rounded up and arrested. Then we need to install nationalists and raise a new generation

  15. Honestly you people are ignorant fucks… why are you afraid of what’s different? it’s not a hate crime it’s not Muslims vs Sikhs or any other religion. It’s three sick individuals who killed an innocent lady and they deserved to be hung for that!

    Know history before you make statements like cowards and Islam has only promoted violent crimes… buddy because all of you are too dumb to think for themselves and believe every headline you see… it’s you who are brain washed to believe that religion promotes this kind of hate, no religion says go out and kill people….just like you believed stereotypes of Muslims I can quote you many from your religions as well. there are weak and cowards all over the world every community. we have monsters in this world who do horrible things to children and there not Muslims (catholic priests)… people abort if they find out they are having a girl (indians) and by indians I mean every Muslim Hindu Sikh from that country and don’t deny it you know it’s true…. and for all idiots who are Sikh and don’t know any Sikh person that goes to Pakistan on a pilgrimage to Guru Nanak dev jis gurdwara are treated with the most respect and hospitality. ask someone who has been there. STOP the racism stop the hate against religions different communities and go against actual criminals. Who pretend to belong to a certain sect when in reality they have no religion just a agenda to make money! Religion is the most sensitive thing in the world so easy to manipulate and turn people into terrorists. I know I haven’t constructed this properly because reading all these stupid comments had my thoughts all over about how people can hate one another soo much. Sickening!!!

    1. ” its you who are brainwashed to believe that religion promotes this kind of hate , no religion says go and kill people ..” Are you joking? From your Quran Sura 8:12” And when Allah revealed to the Angles ,saying; I shall be with you .Give courage to the Believers. I shall cast terror into the hearts of the Infidels. Strike off their heads , smith the end of their fingers.” Your Quran is full of hate towards Jews and Christians . I suggest you read your Quran properly. Islam is the only cult which ask its followers to kill non believers, May be you can tell us any different . There is no amount of defending islam by you muslims is going to change any thing, Islam is EVIL and that’s that. May be you can quote some thing similar to this from other religious books. Sura 111, ”al-Lahab ] who is your mo / allah cursing? tell us

  16. Racism or other malignant attitudes are across human population- theory that some section of population has monopoly, is oversimplification.

  17. It’s a shame Obama didn’t just nuke all muslim countries out of existence when they entered Iraq. Would have saved us all a lot of trouble. The world moves forward and progresses, yet muslims continue to move backwards and brainwash each other more and more over their religion.

    The UK government should allow us to enter the houses of these three men and rape, torture and kill every female member in their families. Then piss on their bodies and burn them.

    Muslims the world over make me sick!!!

    Becky, accept the fact, no one likes muslims. You people only have yourselves to blame for the opinion people have about you all.

  18. Someone is DEAD and you are fighting over Muslim / Hindu/ Sikh…Pathetic:O

    You are nobody decide where one should live, they have a job and earn to live, so you or your country gets the share of the revenues too…no matter where one is…

    GROW UP … see BEYOND this…

    1. Can you back your claims up?
      Fact is, apart from enormous crime numbers that cost the west billions, Muslims cost the tax payer more money than any other ethnic group in society. They cover nothing of that in any taxes they pay. YOU owe more taxes to pay for them, just to cover their living costs.

      Even at around 5% of the population they cost more than, for example, all pensioners put together. A German politician put it quite well by saying that if Germany had no Muslim migrants, they would have no financial crisis to battle with. In the UK the chanchelor wants to cut £12 billion per year to stabilize the economy. Muslims (4,8%) alone cost over 15 billion per year just in benefits (over 67% of the entire Muslim population is collecting benefits, or jihadseekers allowance as they call it). That doesn’t even include their drain in childcare, housing, healthcare either.

      No one has the right to immigrate to any country and become a threat in society, spurning out hate to the nation that gave you shelter, food and protection, behead their people on the streets, bomb their civilians.

  19. simple fact is all you muslims or bengalis are getting a bad name because pricks like them have a fucking screw loose and think its cool to kill people because they dont like them cos of their race and religion.. bottom line is they going hell cos that could have been my grandma and the fact that they think they can walk around broad daylight and kill someone, they need to be hanged so they know how the fucking pain feels to brutally kill anyone especially on someone who was old makes it even worse

    p.s at the moment the muslims are not in anyones good books its as simple as that and as far as im concerned bengalis are muslim too

  20. So this website has everything against muslims? What a foolish blog. I had retweeted this woman on Twitter as her daughter in the picture appealed after she went missing, R.I.P I’m shocked.

  21. Wow, some of you anti-Muslim folks are real fools. Read about Islam from books and not from blogs on Google.

    It was you Americans that killed off millions of native indians, dropped napalm on kids in Vietnam, Australians killed off millions of aborigines and another country divided up Palestine and invaded India. Don’t tell us we’re terrorists you mugs.

    1. And muslims killed over 300 million people over the past 14 centuries and continue their killing spree. Muslims have also killed 11 million Muslims in less than 50 years. What exactly is your point?
      And when did Americans divide Palestine and invade India or have anything whatsoever to do with Australia??? You don’t even know history!

  22. Wow some of the comments on here are absolutely ridiculous! I am from the area live like 10 minutes away from where this happened. We should all respect Mrs Harjit Chaggar, she was the victim of a horrendous crime and my wishes and thoughts are with her family during this difficult time. What people fail to see is that this crime could have happened in any religion, any culture and to anyone. Don’t let media and other people sway your thoughts in perceiving muslims/islamic people as “bad people”. I am sikh I have many muslim friends which I respect more than I respect other people. Don’t let the actions of incompetent and simply disgusting people who yes are associated with the religion of Islam, shade your view on the religion. Its not about Sikhism v Islam. True followers of Sikhism believe in One God no matter what religion, but what strikes me as soon as something happens which is connected to Islam, your principles and views go completely out the window.

    Respect the lady who just passed away. My thoughts are with the family x

    1. @K – sad thing is, Sikh’s are also busy fighting among themselves, that they don’t notice people like these muslims creeping in under their noses and getting up to no good. Muslims grooming Sikh women for prostitution or conversion.

      Sikh’s fight day in and day out over who should run the Gurdwara committee (money money money). Why one person cannot marry another, because of caste (even though the religion forbids it). Jatt cannot marry a non-jatt etc. This is reality and most Sikh’s are like this. Doesn’t matter what is written in a holy book, the reality is people do bad things.

      No one follows books that were written hundreds of years ago. They live in the now and it’s not a good thing!!

      PS, yes I am Sikh also.

      1. If you don’t follow the teachings of the guru’s then you are not Sikh. So I do t understand how you can say ‘yes I am Sikh’. Get some respect.

      2. @SUBY KAUR – so by me stating what goes on in the Sikh community, means that I am actively preaching it also? If I state what goes on in say the black community, does that automatically mean I am black and preach whatever I said also?

        Dam you’re one ignorant retard.

  23. This is very sad, and breaks my heart. Religion is not a reason to kill someone. The person who died is an old grandmother, who was completely minding her business, while attacked by racist extremist. THIS LADY DID NOT DESERVE THIS. Justice needs to be served. No one has the right to kill anybody, you are not GOD. NOR do you decide your religion is superior than others. Religion is a path to reach to GOD whether you are a Sikh or a Christian, or a Jew, or a Buddhist. People need to understand this and stop taking crime into their hands for hateful reasons. Rab rakha Bibi ji(God bless). Rest in peace. My thoughts are prayers are with you and your family.

    1. I totally agree 100% with what you are saying. But let’s be honest here. Muslims cause more trouble based on their religion, than anyone else.

      * 9/11
      * London bus bombings
      * Murder of the soldier in Woolwich
      * Murder of this old lady
      * Muslim men raping that girl on the bus
      * Muslims creating “Muslim Only” streets in East London.

      The list goes on.

      The only hot spot of violence and wars in the world right now are where? Yup, the middle east (muslim land). Heck, muslims don’t even get on with each other (Sunni, Shiite etc). Why can’t they chill out and smoke a hookah or something? They all have a stick up their arse about something or another!!

      Do you know how many SIkh’s were attacked in the US after 9/11? As people thought they were muslims? Why should others suffer for these idiots and their fundamental ways?

      You go to a muslim country, you have to adhere to their religious ways. They come to our country and expect us to change to their religious ways also. Umm, excuse me? Muslim countries base their laws on religion, not common sense. And they want us to change our laws to their system also. Woman gets raped, she should commit suicide to save face for the family. What kind of f*ced up way of thinking is that?

      You tell me why people are so sick of muslims?

  24. What cowards of the highest order!! Raising a hand to a woman, beating an innocent person and carrying out a radial attack. Karma will hit you hard you black hearted evil men, you mums must be so proud. Khalsa forever. RIP to the innocent elderly lady and may god support her family.

  25. May she rest in peace…

    look at all of you posting stupid comments talking about religion this religion that! these three men should be locked up for life for this crime! this has nothing to do with religion! the media say something and you all believe it (referring to what the headline reads).

    “in life what matters most is that you are a peaceful person and live your life peacefully, regardless of what religion you follow or have been taught to follow (zen)”

    stop talking bad about religion and focus on the truth which is: an elderly woman died and the three men suspected of doing the crime are in custody and will get what is coming to them!

    come on everyone! stop hating on each other and live your lives in PEACE!!!




    Zen (peace< love < harmony)

    1. Zen let me tell u everyones talking bad bout religion coz these men tht killed and kill are MUSLIMS and believe in ISlam which is wrong and teaches to kill so y live in peace whn we got these idiots going round thinkn thr gna get to god by doing crime. Get it nw

      1. just because they’re ‘muslims’ it doesn’t mean they actually follow Islam, many people call themselves muslims but have no clue about Islam and do not even follow the basic tenets. Lets explore the lives of all murderers shall we, i’m sure they all followed something so let’s blame that instead of them? You’re right about one thing though, they were idiots for committing this crime, if only idiocy wasn’t so rife..

  26. After 9/11, Americans were lining up in droves to enlist, go over to muslim land and kill as many muslims as they could. Back then I thought it was a disgusting mindset to have. Who takes pleasure in blowing the brains out of another human being??

    Now when I read what muslims are doing in the UK and around the world, I’d be lining up also. Give me a gun, unlimited ammo and I’ll be more than happy to wipe out every muslim from this planet. No regrets EVER!!!

    I read that story about the muslim family dying in that fire in Leicester. I really don’t give a dam to be honest with you. Less muslim terrorists on our streets. No one really cares about it. This is what muslims have done to people.

    1. You’re disgusting. You really do not have a shred of humanity. I hope what happened in Leicester never happens to your family.

  27. I agree islam is evil and made up and full of shit@ what are u going to get if u take an innocent lige. And if u do ask urself what if one of ur loved ones died coz of some pathetic religion. Islam id made up and for the wrong reasons. Also why do the crime when u know ur gna do the time and then die urself when/if u ever get out. Ur disgusting all u muslimd make me sick u possesed pieces of shit.

  28. Why does this have anything to do with religion or race? Islam doesn’t order its followers to kill defenceless old women nor did they do this in the name of Islam and people of all races commit such atrocious acts, if not worse. Those commenting with messages against any religion or race it just shows how ignorant and full of hate you are. People who despise others due to race, religion, culture etc are the worst type of people. Lets focus on the important thing here, this defenceless old woman was murdered and my heart goes out to her family.

  29. article is misleading, they were arrested in connection to it as they own the place where the victim was found– the area in question is accessible to any member of the public. I would wait for the actual trial before writing headlines like this. Why would a group of businessmen murder a pensioner and then leave the body around in the open for the police to find? Maybe they even called the police themselves when they discovered the smell- who knows. All im saying is that there is probably much more to it. Not interested in the muslim v world debate– not relevant here There are criminals in every religion/race.

    1. There is only one creed that occupy 45-70% of the entire prison population across Europe although they are amongst the smallest population percentage wise: muslims. And that is not normal.

      1. Not interested in statistics or whatever agenda you got going , don’t care — have a debate with tommy robinson on that. But regarding this case, that headline you conjured up is pure nonsense at this point in time. Stick to cases where they have been found guilty and have your silly rants on those instead – theres plenty to choose from as you say with all those ‘billions’ of them in jail. You probably read about this in the daily mail and thought u would add your own twist on it, fine, but don’t make stuff up. Anyway im done, see you later — and what a lovely page you have — very civilized.

      2. @Shane, the body wasn’t just “left in the open” for someone to find. The body had be stuffed into a chimney breast. Took the police 3 days to dismantle the chimney, to get the body out.

        I don’t care how strong a person you are, it takes more than one person to shove a dead body into a chimney breast. The entrance to the cellar, where the body was found, was only accessible through the inside of the shop. Are you claiming some fairy came along, carried the body through the shop, without anyone noticing?

        Conveniently enough, the shop had also turned the CCTV cameras off on the day she went missing. The police found video footage from the shop literally hours before the murder occurred. Very convenient don’t you think?

        Want to spew out anymore crap? These muslim cunts should be hung for what they did.

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