Miss Muslim Beauty Pageant 2013 – Pick A Winner!

A Nigerian woman has been crowned Muslim Miss World in the final of a beauty pageant organised by a women’s group in direct response to the mainstream Miss World competition taking place in Indonesia.The newly crowned the Muslimah World 2013 Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola of Nigeria

Miss Nigeria, Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola, 21, won the Miss Muslimah World contest which was organised by the World Muslimah Foundation, a Muslim women’s group, and held in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta as a protest to the traditional contest being held in Bali this month.

The annual Muslim event – now in its third year – is held exclusively for Muslim women, who are assessed not only their appearance (in Islamic dress) but also their piety, religious knowledge and understanding of the Koran.

Note and correction: The crown is not on the head of a winner. Yet.

Well, we certainly don’t want to play second fiddle here behind these striding developments of modernity in the Muslim world. So, we are launching our own Miss Muslim 2013 Beauty Contest and the contestants can be seen below.

To not intrude into their modesty, and since Muslim women rarely act or think as a singular person, you can select the winner as a group. Each group is divided by picture. To cast your vote just leave a comment as to your favorite picture and who you feel should be the deserving winner of Miss Muslim 2013!

The picture with the largest number of votes will be the winner of the most beautiful Muslim woman 2013!

For top fashion for Muslim women, Muslim Dior, check Bill Maher’s video on the bottom of the page!


Picture 1: As enticing and sexy as the small kid may be, you can only cast votes for the adult women.

Picture 2

Picture 3: Fatima, Laiba, Manahil and Aleena.

Picture 4: Girls having fun in the city. We think it’s girls. Or?

Picture 5: (Warning indecent picture!) Eshal getting help to remove her cloak.

Picture 6: The girls must be having some kind of outdoor slumber party.

Picture 7: Congregation of beautiful Muslim women in New York.

Picture 8: Posing beautifully in traditional Afghan dress in Belgium

Picture 9: Lovely Aiza posing with her friends in front of the garbage chute – the front entrance to her private quarters.

Last but not least, Picture 10: Prayer meeting in New York. Allahu-Akhbar, Peace be upon the prophet!

Prophet Mohammed was apparently a man of very, very, very little and weak faith.




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  1. Wouldn’t it be even more funny (and perhaps even more likely) if they were forced to disrobe and the judges discovered quite a few had hairy legs and a penis?

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