Law Enforcement found Navy Yard killer created a webpage with the name “Mohammed Salem”


Two days back the Washington Times reported that Muslim Jihadists cheer at the mass murder in Washington, suggesting they had responsibility for the Navy Yard shooting that killed 13. U.S. officials said there were no immediate signs that terrorists were behind the attack at the Naval Sea Systems Command office.

Former Muslims believe extremists are now recruiting what appears to be civilians with western names, no trace of any islamic interest. Although Alexis may not be one of them, the agenda with more strategies just keeps expanding.

NBC reported today that Washington Navy Yard killer Aaron Alexis had been found creating a webpage with the name Mohammed Salem. Who is Mohammed Salem? Contrary to media reports, Thai friends of his reported that Alexis was not a Buddhist but merely attended a few sessions, and had been more interested in Thai massage than Buddhism.

NBC reports:

‘Why’ remains unanswered
Authorities say they are still looking for a motive. Since Alexis carried out the attack Monday at the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems Command, signs have emerged of a troubled history.

• Alexis, who served as a naval reservist from 2007 to 2011 and worked more recently as a civilian contractor, had a military disciplinary record that included disorderly conduct, insubordination and unexcused absences.

Newport, R.I., police said he called them Aug. 7 to say he had changed hotels twice because he believed people were chasing him and sending vibrations through the walls to keep him from sleeping.

Police said they had forwarded their report to police at the naval station in Newport. Military officials told NBC News on Wednesday that they had found no evidence that naval police forwarded the information to any higher command outside the base.

• The Department of Veterans Affairs said Wednesday that it saw Alexis twice. He went to a VA emergency room in Providence, R.I., on Aug. 23 complaining of insomnia and was given sleep medicine and told to follow up with a doctor, the agency said. Five days later, Alexis showed up at a VA emergency room in Washington to get a refill and was again encouraged to see a doctor, the VA said.

The VA said Alexis denied struggling with anxiety or depression or having thoughts about hurting himself or others. It also said he enrolled in VA health care in February 2011 and never sought an appointment for mental health.

• Alexis also had run-ins with the law over gun violence. He was accused in 2004 of having shot out the tires of a car in Seattle and in 2010 of having fired a gun into an upstairs apartment in Fort Worth, Texas.

• Friends and relatives have also said he had a preoccupation with the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, felt slighted as a veteran, had money problems and was so unhappy with his life that he considered leaving the U.S.

Law enforcement officials told NBC News that Alexis created a webpage with the name “Mohammed Salem,” but they said he never did anything with it. They said they had found nothing else that might indicate any interest in violent jihad or even in Islam.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Wednesday that “obviously there were a lot of red flags” in Alexis’ past, including the Rhode Island police report that was passed on to the Navy, and that the department would look into why they were not picked up.




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