(Video) Insane BBC documentary tries to defame Geert Wilders

‘Geert Wilders Europe’s Most Dangerous Man’, is a lame documentary trying to portray Geert Wilders as some extreme “right wing” politician. Geert Wilders is the only hero Europe has to give a little bit of hope for survival from Europe’s gradual ascension into a civil war. Muslims comment in the documentary that if Wilders is elected it would ‘turn into a civil war’. Now why would they say that? Because nothing should stop their islamisation of Europe. Europe will face a civil war whether Wilders or anyone else is elected, because Islam always drag countries into civil war with their endless aggression and desire for takeover.


BBC’s description

Duration: 1 hour

He was once refused entry to Britain. He has called for the Qur’an to be banned and has proposed a tax on wearing headscarves. And he is also the first politician ever to stand trial on charges of ‘incitement to hatred’. Geert Wilders, instantly recognisable for his quiff of platinum blond hair, is one of Holland’s most controversial and well-known politicians and, some argue, Europe’s most dangerous man.

Bafta-winning filmmakers Mags Gavan and Joost van der Valk follow Wilders on his campaign trail during the recent Dutch elections, meet members of the international anti-Islamic network who support him, and find out about a conspiracy theory promoting the belief that Europe is being taken over by Islam.

With anti-Islamic, anti-immigration parties on the rise all over the European continent, why has Wilders, on the brink of real power in the Netherlands, become the poster boy for the far right?


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