EDL Leader Tommy Robinson ‘Refused Service In Selfridges’

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Selfridges are investigating after a staff member apparently refused to serve theleader of the EDL and his friend due to their links with the far-right organisation.

Tommy Robinson – who filmed the encounter on his phone – claims his friend was told to “fuck off” when he tried to buy what appears to be Armani clothing.

Tommy Robinson EDL
Muslim staff in selfridges just refused to serve my pal cos he was with me? He told him to fuck off? Customer services

When asked to clarify his position, the store clerk said: “You can put me in the camera all you want, I’m not serving you.”

The manager was called and Robinson and his friend tweeted pictures of what they claim is a complimentary meal by…

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0 thoughts on “EDL Leader Tommy Robinson ‘Refused Service In Selfridges’”

  1. I would take issue with the “far-right organisation.”
    If being patriotic and not wanting your country destroyed by these cultural enablers is far right ?????

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