(Graphic) Muslim trophy in Syria: lifeless body of decapitated Christian child

Evil muslims: A young Christian girl was beheaded in Syria twelve months ago. The long beards, the sign of fanatics, is present in each and everyone of these subhuman Muslims who killed this small child in their jihad to Allah – inspired by the Quran. This is Obama, Britain, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey supported handiwork. Qatar and Saudi Arabia fund and send thousands of terrorists into Syria. That will be your child in another 10-30 years.

They are already filling your countries. Muslims are pouring into Europe with forged passports from Syria and Saudi Arabia. In Sweden, for example, half of the Muslim population in Malmo is believed to possess fake passports. These passports were then registered as valid through a Muslim mule working in the immigration services (who in their right mind hire these savages for civil servant jobs anyways??). The Muslim population in London was 38% in 2010. Imagine, 38% savages in London!!

Don’t put your support behind any of these people, whether for military action in Syria, asylum, immigration, or another hate preaching mosque in your town. Muslims are evil through and through and need to be deported. They are extreme. They are dangerous. Oppose any presence of theirs in your country. The terrorists infiltration into Syria to remove the Shia’s will be repeated in your country against you. Muslims through Europe are already traveling to Syria to commit terrorism. They are living in your towns, your countries, your societies, your neighborhood:

This video came with false propaganda claiming ‘Syrian forces killed a freedom fighter (terrorist) child’. The original report is from Christians who claim this was a beheaded Christian child. Terrorists forced their way into and occupied a private home in late 2012. These terrorists even use dead children for their ugly agenda. To market and spread propaganda they attached a made up name to the victim, ‘Fatima Meghlaj,’ and used her for their photoshoot with staged dry-crying in the background. They then cut and pasted video footage of this ‘Fatima Meghlaj’ taken just weeks before ‘Fatima’ was beheaded. But it’s fake.

Debunking fake Muslim arguments that the child is Fatima Meghlaj and not a Christian child:

1. Video footage of the fake Fatima Meghlaj when ‘she’ was alive is of a little boy, dressed in baby jeans and boys clothing with a hood.

2. He is younger and with a different body build than the beheaded Christian child.

3. Is the dead child dressed like a Muslim child? She is not dressed like a Muslim child.

4. And who is holding the child? The Syrian army or extremists? If the Syrian army was there bombing, killing and beheading everyone, how can the terrorists all be there? And how did they have access to her body immediately after her death?

5. The building in the background is completely intact. The bogus reports surrounding the death of ‘Fatima Meghlaj’ claim the Syrian army attacked them by bombings, shooting and then beheaded the girl. The child had a clean and deliberate decapitation, not a sudden violent assault amongst bombs and shells.

6. Syria is a very hot country. A dead body gets bluish-purple discolouration within minutes. The child in the picture is still normal skin color meaning she has just been killed.

7. In about three hours after a body dies the muscular tissue becomes rigid. It’s probably sooner in a hot country. The child in the picture is neither purple or rigid, meaning she had recently been killed. Had Assad’s forces killed the child their presence would still been nearby – and no so called ‘freedom fighters’ (terrorists) would have been anywhere nearby to pick up her body, in their clean clothes, with intact buildings in the background.

These terrorists staging victimhood could be present right then and there and hold the dead child’s body up because it is they, the bearded Sunni extremists, who killed her. This is just one of endless number of murders committed by the extremist Sunni’s forcing their way into Syria pretending to be ‘rebels’.

New assessment of the situation in Syria show that over half of the so called freedom fighters are terrorists. In other words, the entire ‘struggle’ is terrorist lead. These extremist have been using their own murders as propaganda in their three year murder sprees, like the recent chemical murder of small children who belonged to minority Alawite families near Latakia, kidnapped by Syrian anti-Assad extremists just weeks before. The parents suddenly found the whereabouts of their children, seeing their dead and poisoned bodies on international television, aired all over the world.

شام ادلب كفرعويد مجزرة وحشية بحق الاطفال جراء القصف العشوائي 16 9 2012 تحذير الفيديو قاسي جدا جدا.flv
تحذير الفيديو قاسي جدا و فيه مشاهد مؤلمة
الغرض من الفيديو هو توثيق الجريمة التي اقترفتها المليشيات الأسدية و ليس لصدم المشاهدين



(PHOTO BELOW) And a few days ago we posted a picture from a TIME article from Syria of a young boy being beheaded (below). These are all extremists, hired and funded to bring terror in the country by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, pouring into Syria via Turkey and Jordan.


Witness to a Syrian Execution: “I Saw a Scene of Utter Cruelty”

TIME Lightbox |  Thursday, September 12, 2013 | By Patrick Witty

What follows is a harrowing series of photographs of Islamic militants publicly executing, by decapitation, a young Syrian in the town of Keferghan, near Aleppo, on August 31, 2013.

Because of the danger in reporting inside Syria, it was not possible to confirm the identity or political affiliation of the victim. Nor are we certain about the motivation of his killers. One eyewitness who lives in the area and was contacted by TIME a week after the beheadings said that the executioners were from ISIS, an Al-Qaeda franchise operating in Syria and Iraq.

TIME obtained the images exclusively from a photographer who was recently in Syria. This decapitation was the last of four executions he documented that day. TIME has agreed not to publish the photographer’s name,  to protect him from repercussions when he returns to Syria. What follows is an edited account of his experience:

The man was brought in to the square. His eyes were blindfolded. I began shooting pictures, one after the other. It was to be the fourth execution that day I would photograph. I was feeling awful; several times I had been on the verge of throwing up. But I kept it under control because as a journalist I knew I had to document this, as I had the three previous beheadings I had photographed that day, in three other locations outside Aleppo.

The crowd began cheering. Everyone was happy. I knew that if I tried to intervene I would be taken away, and that the executions would go ahead. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to change what was happening and I might put myself in danger.

I saw a scene of utter cruelty: a human being treated in a way that no human being should ever be treated. But it seems to me that in two and a half years, the war has degraded people’s humanity. On this day the people at the execution had no control over their feelings, their desires, their anger. It was impossible to stop them.

I don’t know how old the victim was but he was young. He was forced to his knees. The rebels around him read out his crimes from a sheet of paper. They stood around him. The young man was on his knees on the ground, his hands tied. He seemed frozen.

Two rebels whispered something into his ear and the young man replied in an innocent and sad manner, but I couldn’t understand what he said because I don’t speak Arabic.

At the moment of execution the rebels grasped his throat. The young man put up a struggle. Three or four rebels pinned him down. The man tried to protect his throat with his hands, which were still tied together. He tried to resist but they were stronger than he was and they cut his throat. They raised his head into the air. People waved their guns and cheered. Everyone was happy that the execution had gone ahead.

That scene in Syria, that moment, was like a scene from the Middle Ages, the kind of thing you read about in history books. The war in Syria has reached the point where a person can be mercilessly killed in front of hundreds of people—who enjoy the spectacle.

As a human being I would never have wished to see what I saw. But as a journalist I have a camera and a responsibility. I have a responsibility to share what I saw that day. That’s why I am making this statement and that’s why I took the photographs. I will close this chapter soon and try never to remember it.

Watch a video report about these images via this link.

0 thoughts on “(Graphic) Muslim trophy in Syria: lifeless body of decapitated Christian child”

  1. Before you start pointing fingers… make sure you hands are clean! and before you judge someone’s religion.. make sure you study enough about them.
    I see almost all of you said we are living in 2013, so respect the other religion first, than about the history I have to say lesson to history, as most of you know in Medieval the scientist were get killed by church or other people who claimed about sth, but you know for what? they weren’t real Christians, they just killed them because their benefits, now we have the same title in Muslim worlds, first of all I have to say they are not real Muslims who killed innocents people like this sinless little girl, they use the name of Allah for their benefits, you should study about historiography of Islam than you judge all Muslims, we have to kind of Muslims Sunni and Shia and the terrorist group is not in both Sunni and Shia groups, the terrorist group called Wahhabi and Sallafi who supported by many false Muslims like leaders of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and some other nation who has benefits to destroy real Islam, for your notice we all human and we have the right to live in peace, no matter where you come and no matter what is your religion, these scene hurts all of hearts if you believe in integrity, I’m Muslim and I accept Shia with my wide open eyes after many research in almost every religion. I remember the 9/11 when the Trade Center collapsed, in that time I cried and prayed for all families for their lost, most of people I knew were unhappy not in that time for every tragedy in every corner in this world. on top of the all this this false Muslims wants to crash The Real Islam they want to destroy the face of real sunni and shia, our holy Qur’an which is the word of god never want this, the Allah say about peace about fairness, justice and good things, the lord in the Qur’an never say to kill, kill is forbidden us like every truth religions. our prophet and Allah ordered to their followers to never harm any women and children and innocents people in their battle for justice let alone to kill a little sinless children.
    this terrorist who killed innocents people are just an animal without no heart who deserve penalty of death, so in the end I excuse from all dear readers for my
    lengthy comment and wish you best, just I want you to not confuse the real Muslims with this terrorist, just like your five fingers ( your five fingers smiler to each other but they are not same as each other). live in peace.

    1. You know nothing about Turkey. The modern Turks in Turkey who are the followers of Ataturk and hate the PM Tayyip and are the best Muslims in the world. Islamic law will always destroy a country due to barbaric behaviors involved. Tayyip wants islamic law to exist and so do all the disgusting conservative Muslims in Turkey. I think the Muslims in the world should focus on these disgusting Muslims in Syria and in every other horrible country where they use the word “Allah” while horribly murdering innocent victims. However, never say they are NOT Muslim, they ARE. Muslims around the world commit murder, rape and horrible crimes but, in the end, they are still Muslim. Muslims should stop saying others are not Muslim and accept that Muslims are committing these horrible crimes and wonder what is wrong with their culture of Islam in various countries. Only modern thinking, practices and progressive development in education and technology in Islamic countries can stop the plague of horrible Muslims for destroying Islam. This will not come for a very long time, though.

  2. These “people” have no heart or soul! How can today another person to do such a thing? I hope that soon the world will oppose and get rid of this plague called Islam once and for all.

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