The Life Of A Muslim Woman: By The Time I Was 5 I Had No Idea How Many Times I Had Been Raped

New reports coming out from Britanistan that Muslim sex-slavery victims were only ‘white’ girls who were then branded as it being their own fault, is now completely inaccurate. Victims were also Asian girls and Muslim girls. The media went on discussing what white girls could do to avoid them becoming rape victims, as if they were at fault. They refused to address the whole core of the problem: Islamic ideology and Muslim men.
They could have asked us. We already knew that Muslim girls are the largest rape victims in the entire society, wherever they go. The burka is such a lame way of covering up these women, who have already been abused while in pre-school. Remember little Lama in Saudi Arabia, who died after being brutally raped by a rod, tortured, her skull, arms and ribs cracked and her anus finally burnt closed to try and hide the damage done to her? Lama was five years old and her assaulter was her own father who suspected she was ‘not a virgin’. How does a five-year old not remain a virgin?
By the time those burka covered Muslim women are baby Aisyha’s age the majority of these women have already been subject to incest within the family, by brothers, uncles, cousins and sometimes even their own father. In some private studies 70%+ of all Muslim women in Saudi Arabia had been subject to incest and sexual assault. In Yemen the numbers were even higher lingering at over 90%. We can guarantee that Muslim women in the West have been abused at a rate of at least 60+% of the entire Muslim female population.
The sickness that comes from Islam and the ideals Mohammed’s life ply into the men, making them into subhuman monsters, is simply staggering.


Imrana, preudonym for victim of sex abuse

Imrana, who was raped repeatedly by a relative [in Britain]  from the age of five. ‘I have no idea how many times I was raped,’ she said. Photograph: David Sillitoe for the Guardian

Some names have been changed.

Imrana’s story: ‘I have no idea how many times was raped’

Imrana has been quiet for a long time. Now in her 50s and a mother of three, she says she has tried to put the childhood abuse she suffered behind her and carry on with life. But now, decades after being abused for years , including being raped by a gang, she has decided to speak anonymously to the Guardian so that other victims might come forward.

Her abuse started when she was five. Her mother’s cousin, who was living in the family house, would bribe her with sweets before raping her. “How many times it happened I have no idea, but it was frequent. The memories are all there,” she says.

“I have memories of going to nursery school with no underpants on after he attacked me.”The man’s brother also started to abuse her, Imrana says. Around the age of seven, she remembers being taken to a wood were she was repeatedly raped by a group of around six to eight men, younger than her previous abusers.

“I just took their hand and went with them,” she says. “The sexual abuse was part of my life. I have the memories still. If I go into the woods or the park, they come back. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable, if I’m with my children – I sometimes don’t understand why I’m feeling a particular way and then I will remember.”

The abuse finally stopped when Imrana’s mother caught her cousin abusing her daughter. “One day he’d finished having sex with me in a store room. Mum was calling for me. He put me in a sack and was doing his belt up and mum opened the door. She basically caught him in the act,” she says. She remembers him walking to the bus stop to leave. “My relationship with my mother, for the next 23 years, was very strained. The belief in the family was that I had as a child had done something to lead him on.”Imrana told anyno one about the abuse she suffered, but after recent cases came to light she decided it was time to speak out, although she wants to conceal her identity to protect herself and her family.

“These two men abused me and then introduced me to another group. That’s child abuse, but there is also a link to gangs,” she says. “I felt it was important [to speak out] because I’ve come across other cases of women sexually abused in the family and then abused by total strangers. For me, this happened more than 45 years ago and I know that it is still happening in our communities, but no one is talking about it and services are not picking it up. I just felt it was important to highlight it.”

Imrana also wanted to highlight that abuse does not happen to only one type of girl or only in cities.

Imrana’s name has been changed.


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