Lebanon: Mansour urges Arabs to ‘unite against Syria strike’

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BEIRUT: Lebanon’s caretaker Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour called Monday on Arab states to reach a united stance against any possible U.S.-led strike against neighboring Syria.

“The Arab countries should reach a united stance to confront any aggression against Syria because [such an attack] would have negative repercussions on the entire region,” Mansour told the Sawt Al-Shaeb radio station.

Mansour said that the Arab community could not overlook or bless any possible military attack against an Arab State.

“Syria is not alone and it has friends throughout the world. We cannot imagine that an Arab state would support an aggression against any other Arab State,” he said.

“A military attack on any Arab state, regardless of its policy or regime, cannot be overlooked.”

Mansour’s remarks come as the U.S. weighs whether to launch a “limited” military strike against the Syrian regime over the alleged use of chemical weapons against…

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