Muslim promise to hack our site ‘in five days’ shines with its absence

Why are they always so incompetent?
We have been eagerly and eagerly waiting for them to hack us IN FIVE DAYS since August 22, but nothing. We’ve been promised to be subject to a hack for ‘destroying islam’s name’ but nothing is happening. And they have assured us that: ‘u will seee’…. but as much as we like to ‘seee’ nothing has happened.
WHERE is the hacking we were promised??? They are now SEVENTEEN DAYS late.


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0 thoughts on “Muslim promise to hack our site ‘in five days’ shines with its absence”

  1. What’s the purpose of a five days’ warning if there’s no demand for change? In other words, I could almost understand if they invited you to Islam, told you to retract your prior blog posts, etc., and given you 5 days to make up your mind, or face a cyber attack. But what’s the point of just saying “we’ll attack you in five days”? Theoretically, just gives you and/or WordPress time to prepare–not that their spamming attacks would amount to much anyway.

  2. The Muslims and Islam are destroying themselves by the way they are acting towards the the rest of the none Muslim world! and in time the whole world will hate and despise these despicable arrogant idol worshiping pagans!

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