Desperate for justice: Muslim woman threaten to blow herself up in Dubai Public Prosecution building

Explosive-laden woman threatens to blow up Dubai Public Prosecution building

Sunday, September 01, 2013  |   7DAYSINDUBAI

Dubai Public Prosecution says that a woman who turned up at their offices with her child threatening to blow up the building has been arrested.

By 4pm, negotiations between the woman and a senior Dubai Police officer were still going on.

The area around the building remained cordoned off and there was a large presence of emergency services, including both police and ambulances.

An alleged picture of the woman with her child. Source : Unconfirmed

An alleged picture of the woman with her child. Source : Unconfirmed

One eyewitness said: “I can see dozens of police officers, I think some might be armed. Security is very tight.”

Earlier, at 2pm, an official in the department had said the woman appeared to be wearing an explosive vest, although they did not know whether it was real.

The official had said that negotiators were talking to the woman in a bid to get her to surrender.

The woman was initially thought to be Syrian, although there have since been conflicting reports about her nationality.

A 7DAYS reporter at the scene had said that the building had been evacuated and that staff and members of the public had been moved away from the area and a cordon had been set up.

The woman’s motivation is still not clear at this stage.

As news of this incident spread initially, a young business graduate Usuf Jeelani on Twitter, tweeted:


This is a developing story and will be updated accordingly


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