Canada: Police raid Toronto’s ‘Little Mogadishu’ neighborhood

Refugee Resettlement Watch

This is old news, but better late than never—it happened in June—we missed it then, but now we have it to add to our archives on Somali “refugees” gone wild.   Hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’.

The gang raid resulted in 43 arrests and the whole mess dragged the controversial Mayor into the news (again).

From The Globe and Mail:    Readers will have to read down many paragraphs before getting to the word ‘Somali.’  The only hint in the first section of the long report is that reference to ‘Little Mogadishu.’ (We have one of those in the US too—it’s called Minneapolis).  Emphasis is mine.

The predawn raids on the Dixon City Bloods – a gang alleged to have committed shootings and robberies in its bid to control a stretch of Toronto’s Little Mogadishu – were one year in the making.

Police Chief Bill Blair held a news conference…

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