(Videos) Watch What Obama, Hollande And Cameron Wants To Protect In Syria…

This is what Obama wants to protect and drop bombs for while Assad is trying to rid his country of Sunni extremists from surrounding Arab countries, forcing their way into the country. Let’s not forget that Sunni’s commit 93% of all terrorist attacks and plans in the world. Chose which savage you think is worth defending:

[ABOVE] Takfiri extremists Syria’s insurgency killed 150 soldiers in a battle for control of an Aleppo suburb this week, including 51 who were executed after they had surrendered, according to a Syrian monitoring group that has been chronicling casualties and evidence of atrocities.

The video, dated June 2013, showed what appeared to be an execution ground, with dozens of lifeless bodies clumped against a wall pockmarked with bullet holes. The video’s authenticity could not be independently confirmed, but the Syrian Observatory founder, quoted witnesses as saying 51 soldiers taken prisoner were later shot. Among the total who had surrendered, he said, “very few were taken hostage.”

Mr. Abdulrahman said the killers were members of the Nusra Front one of the many jihadist groups, some affiliated with Al Qaeda and populated with foreign fighters, that have entered Syria to join the insurgency battling the forces of President Bashar al-Assad in the conflict, now in its third year.

Other reports have suggested that not all of the executed were soldiers but some were civilians who supposedly cooperated with the Syrian soldiers and got punished for doing so. In the graphic video posted online on wednesday shows some of the executed men not wearing any military outfits but rather standard casual clothing.

The reports from June also indicate that all victims in this Syrian town were shot in the head from close range

The killings took place in Khan al-Assal, the town near Aleppo that both Mr. Assad and the political opposition claim was the site of a deadly chemical weapons attack on March 19, 2013.

Russian experts have collected samples from the site of the supposed attack in the Syrian town, These samples were examined in a certificated laboratory in Russia. According to the Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, there is “first-hand evidence” that the foreign-backed rebels have used chemical weapons in this incident near Aleppo.



[BELOW] Video footage has emerged from Syria allegedly showing rebel fighters beating and kicking surrendered soldiers before shooting them dead. The UN says that if the killings are confirmed, the acts constitute a war crime.The killings took place on Thursday, during an assault by rebels in the northern town of Saraqeb — which has been the scene of heavy fighting between rebels and government forces in past weeks, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.


Obama supported terrorist (“Rebel”) Eats Heart of Syrian Soldier.

Public execution of three Syrians by Jihadist group in Raqqa


Syrian Christians Getting Attacked by Hardline Wahhabi Terrorists (“Rebels”) in their Ancient Homeland


Kuwaiti Islamist Buys Weapons for Jihad in Syria, Praises Slaughterings


Syrian Rebels Filmed By New York Times Team, Caught Using Captured Prisoners As Suicide Bombers


Syrian Rebels Joins Up With Al Qaeda – Group Pledges Support To Terror Leader


Syrian rebels ‘kill unarmed man’


Syria- FSA Sunna Extremists killing the Syrian people in the name of JIHAD


Syrian Girl Calls Obama A Traitor To His People


Bashar al-Assad on US TV – in the beginning of the current civil war (English)


Bashar al Assad and his wife driving in Syria


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  1. Obama really has an awful lot to answer for. I hope when he is put on trial for War crimes and Crimes against the American people he gets just what he deserves.

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