Egyptian-Americans protest at Washington Post for being a “terrorist mouthpiece”

Good on them for speaking up and making their voices heard! Enough of the media duplicity and distortions.

From the ever observant and diligent Pamela Geller, read more here:

Washington Post staffers cowered in the main lobby of their Washington, D.C. headquarters on Thursday as hundreds of Egyptian-American protesters chanted outside, in response to a protest leader with a bullhorn, that “The Washington Post is lying” and “The Washington Post [is] Supporting Terrorists.”

“A large group of Egyptian protesters rallied in front of The Washington Post offices on Thursday afternoon, registering their support for military leader Gen. Abdel Fatah el-Sissi and their opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood,” reported the Post. In fact, these were Egyptian-Americans, and the reason they were at the Post could be ascertained in their chants. They did support el-Sissi but also were disgusted by the paper’s failure to accurately cover events in Egypt, and to fix the blame for the attacks on Christian churches on the Muslim Brotherhood.




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