Former Egyptian Islamic Jihad Leader Nabil Naeem: Without U.S. Aid, Egypt Will Become Superpower

Become a super power? It would be hilarious if it wasn’t actually true that they believe these fairytales. They sure live in the land of delusion. Nothing worse than a feeble and unstable mind.

And they lie about everything. All the time. This sad excuse of a human says that Iran is a ‘superpower’ after being sanctioned by the U.S. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad both insist that the sanctions will fail.

However, even before the start of the EU oil embargo, Iranian crude exports had dropped to 1.5m barrels a day, from 2.5m barrels in 2011, costing it almost $32bn in revenue in 12 months, according to the US.

The sanctions, combined with the government’s phasing out of subsidies, has seen the price of basic foodstuffs rise dramatically. The Iranian government said in July 2012 that it had stockpiled imported goods and $150bn in foreign currency reserves to help cushion the blow. By October, the Central Bank’s foreign currency reserves were reported to have fallen to $110bn.

Riots broke out in Iran in October 2012 when the country’s currency, the rial, plunged to new lows against the dollar. Local currency exchange websites said it had lost 80% of its value since the start of the year. With acute inflation from the rial’s weakness a major source of concern, the authorities were forced to severely restrict currency trading.

The choice is of course up to Iran and whether Iran prefers to spend money on: threatening and quarreling with the world, or improving the conditions for it’s own citizens.

Policymic writes about the sanctions:

Iran is facing a growing health crisis due to international sanctions levied against the regime. Many essential medicines including birth control, cancer treatment drugs, and equipment needed to maintain vital hospital functions are becoming increasingly scarce.

The U.S.-led push to sanction Iran into space has made it extraordinarily difficult to ship anything to the country, not just medicine, which is supposed to be protected from the grip of such action. But given that banks and shipping companies face stiff fines for breaking any type of sanctions law, it has become excruciatingly difficult to find anyone willing or able to send medicine to Iran with speed and in necessary bulk. As a result, Iranians are forced to rely on expensive and sketchy black market medicines.

The BBC writes:

On 1 July 2012, an EU ban on the import, purchase and transport of Iranian crude oil came into force. The 27 member states had until then accounted for about 20% of Iran’s oil exports. European companies were also stopped from insuring Iranian oil shipments, having previously underwritten 90% of them. The sanctions were phased in after being announced on 23 January, when the EU also froze assets belonging to the Central Bank of Iran, and banned all trade in gold and other precious metals with the bank and other public bodies.

Several other countries including Switzerland, Japan, Australia and Canada have also imposed bilateral sanctions on Iran in recent years in response to Iran’s lack of co-operation with the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). 

The US sanctions prohibit almost all trade with Iran, making some exceptions only for activity “intended to benefit the Iranian people”, including the export of medical and agricultural equipment, humanitarian assistance and trade in “informational” materials such as films. 

How about these mad terrorists, like Nabil Naeem, worrying far more about their real sugar-Daddies: the Saudi’s and Qatari’s.



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