(Video) Heated argument between Hannity and Million Muslim March organizer

If you thought things got heated during last week’s Hannity discussion on the Million Muslim March, tonight took things to an entirely new level. Chris Phillips [clearly a changed name] , one of the organizers of the march faced off in a contentious back and forth with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser of American Islamic Forum for Democracy, which advocated for the “separation of mosque and state.”

Phillips said the march is not only about supporting “victimized” Muslims in the United States, but also the innocent Muslims who have died all over the world since 9/11. Asked for an example of how America “villain-izes” Muslims, Phillips asked Hannity, “aren’t you villain-izing them with this broadcast? These people are not radical Islamists. these are innocent Americans practicing their constitutional liberties, brother.”

“I haven’t met a Muslim that isn’t offended by the exploitation of 9/11,” Jasser said when it was his turn to speak. He suggested renaming the upcoming event, “How to radicalize Muslims in one march.” Calling the march a 9/11 “truther movement,” he accused Phillips of promoting the same ideology that produced the Boston Marathon bombing and the Fort Hood attack.

Phillips repeated several times that his group “renounces all violence,” and asked, “Is this America? do people have a right to think freely? Where are we?” But when the topic turned to the “anti-Semites” who are supposedly invited to the event, Phillips would not answer directly whether he was against anti-Semitism, only saying that “anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are not the same thing.” And things only got more heated from there.

Hannity proceeded to bring up a picture of him dressed as a clown that Phillips posted online. “How would you feel if someone did that to the Prophet Mohammad?”

“I don’t worship Islam and I would be offended if friends of mine were offended,” Phillips said, shocking the other two men. “I’m not a Muslim.”

“So you’re a stooge,” Jasser responded. “You’re a stooge and front man for an organization that is destroying the mission to fight radical Islam around the globe.”



0 thoughts on “(Video) Heated argument between Hannity and Million Muslim March organizer”

  1. what a scam, send this puke back to his lovely sharia shithole of choice……………and let him fuck any and all muslim women, just get thism fuck out of our country………………….

  2. James– I am fine with your sentiments-(send this puke back to his lovely sharia shithole of choice). and the sooner the better– However not with the language and reference to the underprivileged and often abused muslimas who have enough to contend with wrapped in their tent/prisons many as house prisoners and treated as second class citizens,less intelligent than their male counterparts (thats a joke– my dog is more intelligent than their male counterparts )

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