Britain sinking under unproductive Muslims costing £13+ billion a year

[*Note. We encounter endless arguments by salafi libtards claiming there is no verification to these statistics, and they are false although all of them are clearly verified both in news reports and government reports in the links under Related. Research facts before you  comment.]

Modest numerical calculations based on government statistics, wikileaks and media reports reveal that the British government spend a minimum £13+ billion a year from tax revenues on unproductive Muslims in the country. While the government is trying to create £12 billion in annual cuts by targeting the handicapped, elderly, and poor amongst it’s own citizens, they have ignored a group that is highly overrepresented above anyone else in welfare exploitation. Sweden appears to be gripped in a similar situation with the country drowning in Muslim related expenses.
The Daily Telegraph reported in 2012 that 75% of all Muslim women are unemployed while 50% of all Muslim men are unemployed (67.5% total) – a staggering 350% rise from 13% for men and 18% for women in 2004. Muslims are also on sick leave more than anyone else, with 2001 figures revealing that 24% of females and 21% of males claim disability. Muslims are the most likely among all religious groups to be living in accommodation rented from the council or housing association (28%); 4% live rent-free (2004 figures). As if this is not enough, the total prison population in the UK amongst category A and B criminals (the worse crimes) is now 35-39% Muslim.
Since current statistics fail to clarify how many Muslims actually collect benefits, and whether unemployment figures include those on disability and in prison, only a crude estimate can be made. The indications are nevertheless shocking: (2012 unconfirmed estimate increased the population number from 3 million), roughly 4.25 million Muslims, or more than 85%, live off tax payers. If we average this with a simple, quick calculation of the minimum benefit payment of £67 a week granted in Britain for adults, at least £ 284,750,000 per week  (£1.139 billion per month) is spent from taxpayers on Muslims who barely contribute anything whatsoever to Britain’s revenues – except making more Muslims.
The calculation is not detailed enough to include housing benefits, childcare support, medical care and other coverage. We can estimate that only in unemployment support, Muslims cost the British government at least £ 13+ billion a year.
A more detailed calculation need to be made when there are clearer records at hand. At present the government will not publish current, clear and defined numbers and we had to find them through different sources most of it coming from wikileaks (see below). The older numbers are inaccurate and highly understated since data have shows that the Muslim population tend to double in less than a decade (in 7 years).
If the same population growth continues in a steady flow, by 2030 Britain will have a 40% Muslim population. And who will feed and house them? There is simply nowhere for the British economy to go but down. As if that is not bad enough 32 percent of Muslims on UK campuses believe killing in the name of religion is justified, 54 percent wanted a Muslim Party to represent their world view in Parliament, and 40 percent of young Muslims in the UK want the country to be governed under Sharia law (2004 report).


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Europe and Britain sinking under weight of welfare costs

It’s not just that much welfare spending has become bloated, unfair and sometimes outright corrupt, it is also that it is no longer economically affordable.

10:47PM BST 08 Oct 2012


So how did Mr Nasty – aka George Osborne – do? I give the Chancellor a qualified thumbs-up for his party conference speech, even if the word “growth” was almost as absent from his rhetoric as “deficit” was last week from Ed Milliband. Osborne is as unforthcoming on how to get the economy growing again as the Labour leader is on dealing with our debts.

We can quickly dispense with the “shares for employment rights” initiative – this was just an irrelevant gimmick which will struggle to gain traction even in start-up companies.

But in choosing to focus so strongly on the need for welfare reform, the Chancellor put his finger on the nub of the problem, not just for Britain, but for virtually all advanced economies.

It’s not just that much welfare spending has become bloated, unfair and sometimes outright corrupt, it is also that it is no longer economically affordable. Osborne couched his case in highly political terms, as you might expect after the latest British Social Attitudes survey.

This showed a high degree of public support for further cuts in welfare spending. Where once the Tories were regarded as cruel and heartless for wanting to slash benefits, it now seems that they can’t be tough enough. Politically, Osborne is therefore pushing at an open door when he says this is not just about saving money – it’s about fairness and enterprise.

How can we justify the incomes of those out of work rising faster than the incomes of those in work, he asks, or giving flats to young people who have never worked when working people twice their age still have to live with their parents because they cannot afford a separate home?

More emotively still, he asked how it was possible to justify a system where people in work have to consider the costs of having another child, while those who are out of work don’t. By raising these questions, Osborne gives voice to a strongly populist message, but he also speaks to an underlying, economic imperative – advanced economies are long past the stage of being able to afford such largesse.

In his speech, Osborne was aiming only at the easy political targets of entitlement spending – for want of a better term, the “social scroungers”, or those who choose welfare over work. The savings that can be made here are certainly not to be sneezed at. Looking at those areas of welfare spending which grew most strongly under the last government, they were things like housing benefit and other forms of income support.

Yet they are dwarfed by healthcare and pensions spending, and it is these entitlements which pose the biggest challenge for the future.

As it happens, Britain is rather better placed than many of its European peers in this regard. On pensions spending, the age of entitlement is already being raised, and will in future continue to rise in line with life expectancy. The per capita cost of the pensions promise is thereby capped.

The same is not true of health and long-term care, the costs of which will grow rapidly as society ages. Relatively favourable demographics make these costs less of a problem for Britain than they are for much of the rest of Europe.

Recent projections aired by Fabio Pammolli, professor of economics at the IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, show quite shocking levels of exposure. If there wasn’t already enough to worry about in Europe’s fiscal meltdown, these forecasts point to destruction of the very foundations of the European social market economy. Taking into account the expected decrease in fertility and mortality rates, the burden on active workers of healthcare and pensions spending is expected to grow over the next 20 years to 63.5pc of GDP per capita in Italy, 61.6pc in France, and 53.3pc in Germany.

Favourable demographics mean that by comparison, the projected UK burden is relatively small at just 38.7pc. Yet it is still quite high enough.

In Europe, stopping is going to make the present outbreak of economic, social and political instability over deficit reduction look like a stroll in the park. We are only in the very early stages of Europe’s wider fiscal crisis. There is still much worse to come, regardless of whether the euro survives or not.

It might be said in defence of the single currency that it has at least forced countries to make a start on the sort of structural reform that one way or another is bound to come.

Well possibly, but you see very little evidence of such reforms in France – on the contrary, France seems to be haring off in the other direction as fast as it possibly can – and ultimately, it will be the euro that gets the blame for the stultifying effect the present policy mix of fiscal and monetary austerity is having on growth. Eventually, it will break under the pressure.

In its latest World Economic Outlook, the IMF concedes that one of the reasons it has been over-estimating growth prospects for Europe is that short-term fiscal multipliers have been bigger than expected. This is just a complicated way of saying that when everyone is cutting all at the same time, the effect is almost bound to be self-defeating. Lack of growth will cause deficits to increase regardless.

It is hard to find a single chief executive who is interested in serious investment on mainland Europe right now. For all the reasons highlighted, the place is regarded as too toxic to touch. The future of the euro is just one among a mountain of negatives.

All of which means that Osborne can expect little or no help from the Continent in his efforts to get on top of Britain’s own debts. Europe is set on a five to 10-year period of nil growth, falling living standards and brutally disappointed expectations. All that Europeans can look forward to once the present phase of austerity comes to an end is yet more austerity.

Is there anything the Chancellor can do to help himself? Belatedly, he seems now at least to be attacking the right targets. I’ve been a supporter of the broad outline of the Government’s deficit reduction strategy, but there is no doubt that front-end loading the consolidation with tax increases and swingeing cuts in capital spending has damaged growth badly and therefore steepened the climb back to health.

The Coalition went for the easy hits, rather than the really difficult, long-term stuff. This has not served either the Government or the economy well.

Osborne rejected the case for tax cuts yesterday, but actually, putting money back in people’s pockets is the best thing he could do to support demand and give the British economy a fighting chance against the winds blowing in from Europe.

To be effective, such tax cuts cannot be temporary, but must be permanent, and therefore funded with far more draconian action on welfare than we have seen to date. Cameron and Osborne need to ask themselves just three questions. What are they in government for? Is it compromise and defeat? Or reform, growth and a sustainable future?

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  1. muslims are parasites. they offer nothing good in this world. they just migrate to other countries to suck the taxpayers dry

  2. These numbers are exaggerated. The largest current estimate for the number of Muslims in Britain in 2011 is three million (i.e., five percent, not five million individuals!). The official figure is, however, two million, one third of whom are children and only one tenth of whom are old enough for the retirement pension. (Figures for the indigenous population are one quarter children and one fith senior citizens.)

    The reason Muslim unemployment has sky-rocketed over the last eight years is that all unemployment has sky-rocketed. According to the figures above, which may or may not be better researched than the overall article, one third of adult male Muslims were working but lost their jobs. This would have been only indirectly because they were Muslims, i.e. they had low qualifications, poor health and/or poor English.

    Exaggerating the real scope of the problem can only encourages a “solution” to the imaginary problem rather than to the real one. It encourages emotional responses and inappropriate reacitons.

    1. Bullshine, the true numbers are not known due to the open borders policy of the corrupt EU and our rotten Socialist driven governments. Muslims are over represented in prisons, on benefit and for sexual offences, they cannot be allowed to remain in this country, they are an invasionary force, her to destroy our society and are enabled by the EU and the elite cabal of NWO bankers!!!

    2. Wrong. There are 29 million more NI numbers than people, we can be sure that large numbers of muslims are multiple benefits

    3. Diana ” Are you for real? Where did you get your figures from? I have a feeling you are a new convert to Islam and don’t want to accept muslims are milking this country. I would say NOT only this country but every country they have migrated to in the West.

      1. Hi, from experience of muslims on various forums, Diana is likely a muslim man and it usually ends up being a pakistani man.

  3. Muslim unemployment is due to lack of education.
    What Islam is ;is a dogma of sedition and due to politically correct Gramscian dogma on behalf of the spineless public sector we have a country full of useless blood suckers who whine for benefits.
    It’s only recently thatpeople like Cameron have started to moan about economically useless immigrants .
    Rescinding of British citizenship and deportation would be an election winner for the Tories .

  4. You can all disagree between yourselves whilst these scum-bags are milking this country dry and setting us all up for an internal war that we will not be able to cope with as the English people are far too busy disagreeing with each other over some stupid total which nobody really knows as we have far too many corrupt lying bastards in parliament, those who are too busy filling their own bank account whilst giving the tax p people the finger.

  5. How stupid are the Britishers, feeding the snakes, that r ready to bite them. Stop paying the wellfare funds to hate mongers.

  6. Stop paying welfare to people who are able to work. Discourage large families by withdrawing benefits for people who do nothing but breed. There are far too many people in Britain – and the world for that matter. People are at the root of Britain’s woes – and in particular the Muslims who are an alien species – neither contributing or amalgamating into society.

  7. They will win because many are prepared to kill for their beliefs, as we English were when we came here and took a land by force many centuries ago. Now the boot is on the other foot. It is we who are being colonized, and all we do is sit around the internet exclaiming ‘Look what they’re doing to us now!’. Government will not be persuaded to see the error of its ways because it was government who engineered the situation on behalf of international banking. We are comfortable. We are gutless. We are finished. Children will spit on the graves of ancestors who sold their future for the ‘freedom’ to smoke pot and take foreign holidays. Prepare for dhimmitude. We have no-one to blame but ourselves.

  8. Disgraceful, Do you know where i live the english people are forced to take down their england flags because it was deemed as racist by the muslim commuinity? I just hope i’m not around in 20 years because by then it won’t be called england anymore it’ll be muslimland. Time to move to America i think, they aren’t afraid to give muslims the boot.

  9. Tell me one single positive thing about the cult of islam, just one?

    Do you people in Britain intend to form a delegation to go to the nearest mosque and say to the murderous cretins: “Here are the keys to our country–you rule us now!” When I ask people this the answer is always the same: “Of course not; we wouldn’t let things go that far”. Really? So you intend to make a stand, when?

  10. Once again everyone advoids discussing the big white elephant standing down the back of the mosque. The ” Koran ” , Muslims are the first victims of this santanic book, all your ‘muslin problems stem from this book. Islam has and always be at war with itself and everyone else.The Germans saw the evil descrution social democracy had on its society and banned The Nazis, Islam will take us all down a deadlier path.

  11. Muslims have been forced into unemployment. They are being This is a form of ethnic cleansing by Britain and the Lunatic Europeans.

    Also Muslims could put the price of Oil up and destroy Europe with Inflation and send it back to the dark ages.

    1. Shale and Gas is not Oil. The Saudis Oil made the US powerful and allowed it to innovate and dominate the World. This is why the US invades Oil rich countries.There is still Iraq, Iran and then the other Islamic countries are full of Gas.

  12. Muslims do not go around invading countries with armies and bombing them to the ground via fighter planes. The real issue is the paranoid looting Europeans. Islam needs a Che Guevara/Fidel Castro and cut ties with the West.

    Its in their best interests and cut off the real dead weight (Europe).

  13. The Middle East and North Africa is Islam and it is the heartland of Islam.

    Actually the Islamic Empire was very tolerant to minorities and one of the most advanced civilisations. The Islamic Empire, the Incas, Aztecs, China, Japan and Mayas were the most advanced civilisations in the World.

    Until grotty Europeans started crusades and completely destroyed advanced civilisations. Although it looks like Europe’s past has returned with the dark age EU. Two World Wars or shall we say European Wars. Nagasaki? Auschwitz? Slavery? Need I say more? Europeans are the aggressive savages who pollute the World.

    Excellent tell the Saudis you do not need the Oil. We all know the West wants Oil & Gas and cannot live without it. The war on Terror is complete bullshit and its all about resources.

    1. 1. Your own muslamic sources as well as other historical evidence proves islam was the most backward and barbaric of murderous savages.

      2. You are also aware that the satan worshipping muslims started the crusades and it was only after hundreds of years of your demonic savagery that the church of rome fought back. Rather like the civilised human world fought Hitler, though of course he was no-where as evil as muslims. (according to your own islamic sources – quran, hadiths, sira).

  14. Its documented proof that the Crusaders were descended from peasants/slaves of the Romans. Its also well documented that they destroyed the Middle East and caused bloodshed.

    Arabs and Africans both practiced slavery at the same time. Africa was moderately rich before Europeans destroyed it and Arabs are in between Asia and Africa. So its organic for Muslims to have links with Africa.

    The Europeans killed Jews about ten times in 2000 years. Europeans did this again and again. Nazi Germany was the climax.

    European middle aged pedophiles are the biggest danger to Thailand, Burma and Indonesia. With your stupid pagan rituals.

    Lastly you are a mark and believe that the real danger is Islam. The real issue is Economics and in the last century Oil has been behind the Worlds development. Its hard to see what the World will be like without it. The US is aware of this and has decided to have another 5 decades of Oil by invading Iraq and Iran. Its all about Oil.

  15. I put this item in my shop windows to show and explain to everyone what was going on in our country and guess what the police called into my shop and asked me to take it out of my window aS they had a complaint about it……Freedom of speech is finished in this country RIP UK

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  17. The math is simple, those at work have to pay for everything out of their net wages.
    If someone is on unemployment benefit, then they should also have to pay for everything out of this money.
    At the moment, it would appear that, since free housing is given, nothing is ever large enough, if they have to pay their own rent, utilities, fares etc., they too would think before having more children.

  18. Don’ forget, 80% of muslims also say that they are muslim first then british, in other words islam comes before our laws as does JIHAD.

  19. XX As if this is not enough, the total prison population in the UK amongst category A and B criminals (the worse crimes) is now 35-39% Muslim.XX

    Amateures! In Berlin it is 70 to 80% (Their OWN figures!!)

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